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It's sort've the same reasons why we can't have Panty and Stocking on Toonami either.
I guess partial nudity and cartoon violence is much worse than gore and profanity...
yes, This is america after all.

It's sort've the same reasons why we can't have Panty and Stocking on Toonami either.

That and the show being awful.
im sorry but whon is voicing Rei?
Cristina Vee, also the voice of Cerebella.
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what do you mean? we got a butt-ton of kill la kolors

monster riley matthews painwheel best color

I guess it's more like, I don't see it talked as much anymore. With the exception of the dub. I mean nobody commented in this thread since december lol
Okay so this is just something stupid I wrote up a while ago. I follow this one Tumblr user who's practically obsessed with Ryuuko/Mako, or RyuMako to her. So I did this.

It certainly seemed funny at the time.
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I just binge watched the entire English dub.
All I can say is...
In all honesty I do believe there was way too much use of silent u's in the English dub. Senketsu, Junketsu and Mankanshoku being the main offenders. I love the Japanese dub. Always will. Dat Houhoumaru doh.
considering theres tons of english dub animes where the silent U is spoken, this series is no different.
plus, I'd rather they use english pronunciation than ever risk "GOOROOGAMESH!" ever rising from the ashes.
I want to re-watch KLK with the dub but the problem is because of the second arc aftr the time jump. I really dont like the second arc that much and I think its keeping me from re-watching KLK.
Totally should, Dub is amazing.
Ragyo and Nui are fucking spot-on cast wise.

I agree on nui and ragyo but not the other characters. I think ryuko and senketsu are terrible.
I god damn loved the dub.
I adore Ryuko's VA even though I know people are mixed on it. And I think the casting on Gamagoori (Patrick Seitz the true waifu), Uzu and Senketsu were incredible. I mean, Matthew Mercer as Aikuro, man.

Didn't fix the voices I disliked, AKA Nui, Nonon and Mako, but at the same time those are fundamentally disliked by me due to their nature. The annoyingly high pitched teen girl voices. The "Sugoi Sugoi" kind. I know it's part of Nui's character, so I'm fine with her, really, but it still doesn't help me when it comes to Mako and Nonon.

Though let's all be clear here, David Vincent screaming about a japanese mother trying to murder him through a bath is something I've always dreamed of. :^)
Hell, Satsuki's voiced by the woman who was in a hentai where she was forced to bawk like a chicken from Dan Green aka Yami from Yu-gi-oh.

I will never forget the Temptation dub no matter how hard I try.
I have an audio reaction to it from Joel from Vine Sauce.
he only links/plays audio from scenes,w hich includes the one Zeriam mentioned.
I'm not sure if I should link it though due to NSFW Audio.
I cant unhear knuckles from the bible black dub.
Wait... who is the girl wearing Senketsu?
What happened

I leave Skullheart for like 2 days and come back and this topic is exploding


I miss it
for a moment I thought it was another protagonist for a spinoff