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Spotlight Lab Zero and Limited Run Games Have a Treat For Fans Of Skullgirls This Halloween

Dang, I would have bought one if I knew about it but I've been out of the loop for years where this game is involved.
Check you e-mails if you got just a PS4 Copy alone. Last week shipping confirmations finally started going out.

I just received my PS4 copy. I forgot all about it until it came in.
So psyched for my Ps4 copy, I really can't wait!
Created an account just to post that I received my copy in the mail today. Really excited to play it!

Is anyone else having issues with the soundtrack? I can play it in a CD player but not on my computer, and I can't rip the music to put on my phone either. Is it encrypted or something? I really hope not, I don't even own a CD player and had to borrow one to make sure the disc wasn't defective... the soundtrack is useless to me if I can't rip the music.
Hello, I have a problem about the tracking, doesn't show nothing about the shipping, only this:


Someone knows what's the problem?
Almost 2 weeks and still no games and not even a little help.

Hey - if my card number/account number changed after I pre-ordered back around Halloween 2016 - do I have to update that? I can't remember if I was charged back then.
Guess what? Skullgirls is getting a Nintendo Switch port.