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M Rated Things as Saturday Morning Cartoons


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Sep 5, 2013
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Ms. Fortune Cerebella
If Harry Partridge has taught me anything, it's that he hates his characters turning M rated material kid friendly is oddly hilarious. And in a non-ironic way, this sort of thinking was what got us the Mortal Kombat and Rambo cartoons, so I thought it would be funny to toss around silly ideas and premises for mature rated games, movies, and other stuff as the stuff your kid would sit down and watch. Don't forget to include in-jokes that make sense if you're familiar with the source material.
Bob the Builder meets TF2! Engineer and Bob build Heavy a new gun. They then repair Spy's cloaking device while the nefarious Demoman tries to ruin everything, and Pyro bakes a cake.
How about a cartoon that combines Inspector Gadget with Robocop?

Oh wait, they already did that.

I'll admit, this show used to come on every morning before I went to school, and...I uh...
...well...I actually kinda liked it.
I used to watch the Police Academy cartoons dubbed in German, though my parents didn't have a problem with me watching the real Police Academy movies that had some not-kid-friendly humour.

Doesn't Shounen Anime also count? Many of the shows that are made for 13-year old boys would get an R Rating or just outright banned/heavily censored in the West, like High School DxD.
Remember Yu-Gi-Oh with invisible guns and "It is heavily implied you are beting the living crap out of me" or One Piece with water-guns, lollipops and "DUNGEON!"?

Yeah, so pretty, much any anime with any amount of combat in it.

We had a bit of dubbed Naruto in my country and they cut out almost every visible strike aginst anyone, especialy if there was something sharp involved, so you often could't see what the hell was going on. Funnily, when it came to Gaara, they DIDN'T censor his Sand Coffin thing. And that was the first thing in Naruto that actually kinda unnerved me.
In Estonia you can get channels in Estonian and Russian and also some foreign channels in languages like English, Finnish, German and my Internet/Cable provider currently has a Chinese channel with Russian subtitles. I actually remember Anime shows like Captain Tsubasa, Ranma 1/2, Dragon Ball, etc being broadcast on a German channel called RTL. As a kid I was surprised at the blood, topless scenes and scenes with toilet humour in Dragon Ball.