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Make Clawmaster a decent player again


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Jan 14, 2014
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Squigly Big Band
Hey everyone! As you may know I love playing the game, and love the whole community and the work I put into the scene. Weather it running 2 online tournaments, making player intros, running the 86d stream, and supporting other Sg scenes. At the core of me, I really REALLY REALLLYYYYYYYYYYYY want to get good at this game badly with Squigly and Big Band. Of course life stuff does come first, and everything that goes with it. That is why next Wednesday (pending since I might be employed by then) I will be streaming from 10 AM-12 midnight of nothing but streaming of SG.

This includes:

Practicing combos

Sets with players

Learning new resets

Learning new optimize combos

and hosting lobbies inbetween to have some rests before I go back at it again.

Its not a 24 hour SG stream, but its damn near it. I call it entering the hyperbolic time chamber for about a day. More details soon to come , and it will be on twitch.tv/clawmaster4. Any advice is welcomed, and very much appreciated. I really want to get to the next level of my play, and I feel I really need this to exceed into that level.

10:00-12:00pm pst Sets vs other players/Warm up

12:00-1:00 pm pst Lobby open/Break Time

1:00-3:00 pm pst Combos

3:00-5:00 pm pst Practicing resets /Learning from Skullheart/Tips to improve play

5:00-6:00 pm pst Open Lobby/Break Time

6:00-??? pm pst Get ready to play in Ron's tournament, and plays in it (will stream my matches as well on my end)

???-10:00 pm pst Depending on when I get out of the tournament, we will analyze my stream matches to see where I could of improved.

10:00-12 midnight Last sets against other people.
So last thoughts on this. Man this was a true test of endurance. I lasted up till the very end, where I was losing my mind. But yea thanks to everyone who helped me with tips on getting better. I might make this a weekly thing, in the sense of after Ron's tourny to analyze my performance in my matches to see how I could of done better. Thanks again!