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Making a Skullmod Guide - What should be covered?


Sep 4, 2013
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Ms. Fortune Unknown
I've been considering making a video guide on stage modding, a sort of compliment to Flotilla's guide on the steam community.

Does anyone think this is a good idea, and what do you think should be covered?

My main difficulty is that I kinda use backwards techniques, like using the 0.1 version of skullmod to do mods, so what I show will not be 100% applicable to normal people. Also since I don't plan on getting an editing program I'll have to do the whole thing in one take but thats a challenge I'm willing to take.
if all you're doing is cutting windows movie maker can do that well enough, I wouldn't try to do anything more complex than that though with it

as for actual guide content, even if you do stuff like use old versions I would also include at least an overview of what newer versions of the program can do so people are aware that there might be a different way to do it with new tools. Other than that just show what you think people need to know to make mods, obviously. I used to do sound mods for League and that had weird shit where you had to load the file into a sound program and then export it as-is just because of some auto-formatting that the program did and the league devs had used that program, so if there's any weird intricacies like that make sure to include them and not take things for granted.

you should cover uploading your stages because i need that rainbow road you feel me

Here is the current draft of the video, I have it unlisted currently.

I failed to mention anything about using other editing programs, lots of uh's and pauses, misx victoria, I call the diamond a triangle, crack my knuckles in the recording, don't talk about deleting your mods/starting over, I said I loved otterUI.

That problematic white noise is a result of being near a loud computer and not having a good mic, the smooth jazz is there to distract from it.

If you guys think this is good/good enough I'll just make the video public which will be exactly the same just more easily found. Lemme know thoughts.
Can someone edit an announcer and put other lines for a custom one with SM?
Can someone edit an announcer and put other lines for a custom one with SM?

Nope! Not yet at least. currently we ( the people that figure this shit out, not me ) know how to extract the sound files for announcers and characters. Putting them back in an acceptable format is not currently something that is known how to do, and may or may not require a whole new program. I don't know much about technical stuff so I can't really back up that last statement though.