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Steam - Windows Matching Making on the PC


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Mar 31, 2015
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In short, a friend got me back into fighting games by showing me there's more to it. I seem people play on streams but never can find anyone on match making.
The method i use to find people in quickmatch (if that is where you're looking) is this:

- Search for a match, and if it shows a text saying "waiting for opponent" then just go back and search again, keep doing it until you see the text "Please wait, attempting to join a room" or something like that, if that text appears then JACKPOT, you found a match, then a small box with the opponent's ping will appear, all you gotta do is either accept the match or reject it (what people usually do if the opponent has a ping way too high)

Edit: idling in the "waiting for opponent" screen has never worked for me, not sure if it works for others or works for you.
I'll give it a try. How many times do you have to retry useally?
People are usually on Ranked Matchmaking at all hours of day, but they're in the greatest numbers around the late afternoon/night US time. You can usually find a couple of lobbies too. Beyond that, feel free to add people on Steam and invite them to lobbies when you wanna play; that's how a lot of people go about playing.