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MegamanDS actual first serious thread - What game did you come from?


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Sep 16, 2013
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Fukua Parasoul
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Uh I played a bit of Tekken, Smash bros (my first tournament game if that counts) and some MvC3 before I touched Skullgirls.
I almost fell for it!

"First serious thread."

First game was 3s, after that I just played MVC2 (poorly), SF4, and UMVC3 until SG came out.
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I played Smash Bros. Brawl before this game.
mortal kombat
Skullgirls was the first fighting game I've taken seriously, been playing since the first day of PC Beta back in July/August 2013. (also why am I tagged here lol)
Is this a top players only?
All players. I just want to see where everyone came from
Well I used to casually play Street Fighter II with friends or alone. Mortal Kombat 9 was really popular during some days here in the town I live, so I played it a bit too.
Super Smash Bros Melee and UMvC3
PlayStation Allstars.
Played smash growing up, got into traditional fighters by picking up sf4 3D, played sf4 for a while till I realized I hated it. Kept an eye on skullgirls since 2012(?) backed the indiegogo and here we are. So either smash 64 or SF4 depending on what you mean by first.
Playing Brawl casually, then I started playing Melee in 2014. Got into SG about a year ago.
I first saw Taokaka on a spray in TF2. Her design was so interesting it got me really curious. I thought she was from Vsav at first (idk why lmao), but then I did some more research and ended up torrenting Calamity Trigger. The rest is history.
Soul Calibur, for all practical purposes. I'd been playing SF4 since Ultra hit, but was never any good at it.
Guilty Gear XX
Skullgirls. 'Casually' played alot of other stuff before then like MvC1, KoF, GGXX, and CvS2 but SG was the game that made me understand what fighting games were.
Lethal League. There's a significant overlap of LL and SG players, so that got me interested on the basis of association.
Hm... Street Fighter 2, just a few years ago when I found an arcadebox in a rec area, sparked the flame, but Sm4sh's community is what led me to the fighting games I play now (I actually had Skullgirls on my Steam wishlist for a long time, but I hadn't been convinced yet).

I'll go with Street Fighter 2. I have fonder memories of that.
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. I guess I could also name Tekken 3 and MK4, but I didn't play those much. Do take note it was late 90s - early 00s.
While I've been playing FGs since SFII, I've started playing them seriously in Alpha 2, XvSF, MvC1 and then Garou.