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Midiman's Get Gooder Kumite


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Sep 2, 2013
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Cerebella Eliza
You heard it here first-- Let's get good together by playing together, specifically in a format that requires me to face several other opponents in a row for a solid amount of time.

Tuesday, 7PM GMT -8 because there's nothing happening then. Maybe even tonight. I want blood. Gon' shoot for the stars.

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I'll try to make it if it's beta.
Here's how it went:
Results: VS Stuff 6 - 7, VS WingZero 7 - 6, VS Devita 5 - 7, VS FTT 4 - 7, VS Numakie 7 - 0, VS Duckator 2 - 7+1

I'm pretty happy overall with the results..

Whens the next one? Next Tuesday?
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Bumping because I want to have a real kumite Tuesday, 7 PM GMT-8, my time, etc.

Let's do game