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Moderator Applications

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Mar 1, 2021
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Cerebella Valentine
As part of the relaunch of SkullHeart, we're looking for some new mods to round out the mod team. If any of the below applies to you or interests you, you can apply to be a mod by sending me ( @Sairus ) a Direct Message.

Please make sure to include the following in your application:
  • Main area(s) that you frequent on the forum
  • Most desired area(s) you want to mod
  • Why you think you'd be a good mod
  • What perspectives you can bring to the mod team
If we follow up with your application, we will be asking you about modding the offered forums regardless of which forum you desire to mod.

List of desirable attributes:
  1. Able and willing to follow forum rules and enforce rules when necessary.
  2. Confidentiality.
  3. Reasonable and level-headed personality.
  4. Desire to improve forum moderation by weighing in on forum matters with other mods and mentioning issues you think we should discuss.
  5. Committed to being a mod.
  6. Able to make coherent and reasonable arguments.
  7. High community involvement.
If you are missing any of the above attributes you are less likely to be selected.

Please send me a DM in order to show your interest for modship. Even if we don't select you, we will keep you in mind in case we may need to add more mods in the future.

And just a fair warning:
Any troll applications and any similar non-serious applications will earn you an instant ban for 1 month.

Troll wisely.​

If you become a mod, you must abide by these four golden rules:
  1. Mods are expected to keep anything mod-related confidential until we agree to release certain information, if at all, and
  2. Must voice concerns in the mod forum before taking any action that may go against the rules, be controversial, or otherwise be a non-standard moderation action. If there's a situation you're not entirely sure how to handle, take it up with the rest of the mods and get a second opinion, and
  3. Must weigh in on forum matters in the mod forum, even if you have no strong feelings one way or the other, and
  4. Being a mod means you need to set the example for following the rules for everyone else, because if the mods don't even follow its own rules, why should anyone else?
Breaking these rules is grounds for instant un-modding as it undermines the entire point of having a mod staff.

Essentially, abide by and enforce Skullheart's forum rules to your the best of your ability, communicate with your fellow moderators, and try not to be a nuisance overall.

We look forward to your applications.
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