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Spotlight More Indivisible IGG Streams This Week! Learn! Laugh! Love!


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As seen on the Indivisible Indiegogo updates page, we're getting another week of insightful, informative streaming from the team at Lab Zero! Here's the stream schedule for this week:

Monday, October 19
(3:30-6:30 PM Pacific)
Indivisible Level Design with Earl Gertwagen (Designer)

Tuesday, October 20
(3-6 PM Pacific)
GAME STREAM! with Mike Z (Design Director) and Earl Gertwagen (Designer)
100% run of Indivisible Prototype + MIKE VS EARL in Skullgirls and Guilty Gear!

Wednesday, October 21
(3-6 PM Pacific)
Clean Up! Join Richard Suh (Lead Clean-up Artist) to learn all about the all-important final stage of making a frame of animation.

Thursday, October 22
(3-6 PM Pacific)
GAME STREAM! with Mariel Cartwright (Art Director) and Earl Gertwagen (Designer)
Watch Mariel and Earl play through Mega Man X!
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Thanks a bunch for all of the great streams so far Lab Zero! I wish more viewers would make it in there, because having their burning questions answered directly by the devs would probably do a lot to ease whatever concerns they have.
@render remember to announce the AMA before starting it if you guys do it. It's important.

Damn it I sound like someone's mother. I know you know how to do your job sorry :(

I'm posting this here because I thought it might be related
remember to announce the AMA before starting it

We will, but is there some place official that we're supposed to announce it? Or do we just openly start spreading the word?

Also, I'm not sure who on the team we should focus on. Should we do a single AMA that has everyone on the team participating? Should we have multiple that focus on just single members of the team (Mike, Alex, Mariel, Peter, etc)?

EDIT: Looks like we're planning to do one big one with everybody. YOUR BURNING QUESTIONS - ANSWERED.
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You probably have to start spreading the word, but I think some people on the advertise thread who visit reddit more often can tell you better.
We will, but is there some place official that we're supposed to announce it? Or do we just openly start spreading the word?
Get on the calendar, that's the big one.
Still waiting for that match of the pretty boys. Who will win the Scribble Cat Crown? Mike Or Render... both cute but only one can be the cutest. My money is on... hmmm... Mike. Sorry Render you're a close second but nothing can take away from Mike's face, it has everything you're looking for. His eyes, that hair, the way he gives you a little sarcastic smirk when you say something he knows you got wrong, you just can't say no.