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Neo New Meridian: A WIP Mod of a WIP Stage Based on a WIP Game


Sep 4, 2013
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Ms. Fortune Unknown
If the title isn't evident enough, I'm working on a mod for the train stage, based on the game Drift Stage, an incredibly stylish and incredibly sexy to play racing game that's currently in Alpha which can be downloaded from http://www.driftstagegame.com/.

I can only hope it ends up looking half as nice as that game does.

Here's a not-entirely-up-to-date screenshot

And here is a currently-up-to-date-as-I-type-this video

The video quality looks pretty garbage which kinda masks how most of the stage currently looks like garbage.

To Do
  • Figure out what to do with the train
  • Figure out what to do with the front and back of the trains on the sides of the stage
  • Fix that light texture
  • Make the reflection not look garbage
  • Make the Background not look garbage
  • Fix more buildings
  • Remove nature
  • Fix that reflection of buildings that don't exist
  • Fix the building accessories
  • Figure out what to do with the tunnel
  • Cry
  • Figure out what to do with stage lighting
  • Gussy up train accessories, trains, and holo-trains
  • Make the grass replacement not look so flat, or change it to something else that works
Overall I'm making this thread so that I can get suggestions or feedback on what to do, also it makes it a little harder to procrastinate. Please keep in mind that my hands were not meant to create, and so if your suggestion is something like "draw a nice thing in the thing" it probably cannot be done by me, as I have the hands of a suffocating child.

Turn the other train into either the AI/PB ghost or just color it like another car.

Thanks for reading.
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My only question is why you made Painwheel keep jumping in that video instead of just making her fly.

Stage looks neat so far!
This is looking great so far, fizz! I am looking forward to more updates!
This unused track was never more fitting.

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Minty Tunnel Neo Vandalism Update

Oh my is that my cursor there how embarassing.

I fixed stuff, added more background per background. memes and stuff aplenty.

flying painwheel by popular request.

Its the neo-future, vandalism has changed. What was once reasonable black scrawlings is now terrible pink internet jokes.

Kinda updating this small update because I didn't do as much as I thought and I might have less time to do this in the future but rest assured, the moment I give up/finish make the files available in the event anyone else wants this. So don't give up until I do.
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すごい!= that's dope homeslice

Edit: Shoutouts to the ATHF
Late night early morning video processing update

Video still processing as I type this, but it'll probably be good by the time most people see this.

Blue Train when you pick anyone who isn't filia
Orange Train when you pick filia
Additional orange background train when you pick anyone
Green background train when you pick double
Trees/bushes are more hologram'y
VR grid grass replacement which wasn't there before I think?
I toned down the things that I didn't know what to do with

I feel like I've been running into walls but I don't want to call it quits just yet.