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Neutral Game with Val


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Sep 22, 2021
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Valentine Cerebella Double
Hey cool, first post.

Anyone have some tips on neutral game with Val? I've been really enjoying her ability to play both defensively and aggressively (via deadcross/j.Hk and her air dash respectfully), but I've been having trouble dealing with cross-ups and aerial engages. Once someone like Filia, Annie, or Robo manage to get close, I've been having a rough time regaining the tempo of the match. My main assist to help deal with this is usually Bella's Excellebella for 3 vials, but other than that it seems my only option is c.Mp. which usually lets me down due to the mediocre hurtbox change. Am I approaching this problem wrong? Am I being really stupid and ignoring an obvious answer here? Definitely let me know!