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newbie night 5


Jul 30, 2014
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detroit MI
Beowulf Cerebella Filia

  • the bracket and registration can be found here- http://challonge.com/7idjpfvh you need to make a challonge account if you don't have one already. make sure the challonge name is the name i will be seeing in the chatroom that's your steam USERNAME, not your account name.
  • please don'e register if you think you can't make it, there only 32 spots availible.
  • on the subject of that, feel free to leave your steam username here if the tournament fills up. (you can sub in for someone absent, there is probably going to be people missing)
--what YOU need to do to help the tournament run smoothly--

  • please be in the chatroom of the steam group by 6:45 EST. the steam group can be found here
  • if you plan on subbing in for missing players, join in the chat room and either PM me on steam during check in or say something about it in twitch chat or the steam group chat (preferably all 3 so i get the message, im only human)
  • pay attention to when your match will be up we will be moving top-to-bottom throuch the brackets, then we will move onto the 2nd round, and so on...
  • when your match is up, i will announce it on the stream, in the group chat, and i will message you on steam that you're up steam makes a pop-up window to authorize the message so you have to go through that if you want the lobby invite it's also sneaky so being aware of your match timing is very important.
  • speaking of lobby invite, your match will consist of being invited to a 4 person private lobby with me, a co-commentator, and (hopefully) your opponent. you have to ready up for each fight.
--target skill--

  • you NEED to know some basic combos (about 1/5 health combos maybe) if you want to do well. you'll thank yourself for going into the training mode and learning some easy bread n' butter combos for your main.
  • target playtime in-game is about 3-50 hours. dont be the jerk with 150+ hours on the character you're entering with
  • make sure you don't run a train over your opponent, espically in the 1st round. we're trying to make everyone feel welcome so even switching to an off-main after you crushed them 1st round goes a long way towards making sure people keep the tournament full and alive. nobody likes getting the pain train run on them, and that's why this tournament exists.
  • if you think you're too experienced for newbie night, feel free to play a new character, just make sure i can get a few matches a few days before to judge you and give you the OK. (i have about 40 hours in just cerabella and Big Band so i played squiggly and valentine for the first few iterations of the tournament)
  • rounds will be best of 3, finals will be best of 5
A stream of the tournament can be found at http://www.twitch.tv/doubledark (personal channel, sometimes i stream just me playing skullgirls)

from experience the tournament will last ~3-4 hours, so keep that in mind.

the prize will be picked from a pool of steam games (most of which i bought from the summer sale for like a dollar each)

if anyone has questions feel free to ask me :)
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For one, as a n00bie, I want to say that this is great initiative.
Tournament for people that are not-good-at-something? Thats my kind of tournament! :)

Sadly, I can't enroll because of time zone...
I would love to see "European edition" though :).

Again, great idea, good luck to all players :).
I'm going join.