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USA Norcal Events Thread

First Event:
House party and stream

Free pizza and drinks
New friends

Sunday, December 3rd @ 1pm until 11pm.

My House - 727 Old San Francisco Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Come hang out and play some games on stream, gain some experience, and have some food. All skill levels welcome and we are happy to help anyone who wants to learn.
Nice, I'll forward this to another guy I know who plays SG. Not sure if either of us make it, but at least we'll know! :PUN:
Distance is a bit far and date is a bit far out to commit to, but the interest is there. Will know a little closer whether I can swing it.
Well I'm going, can't wait!! Is there anything I should bring or would be convenient??
Reminder to everyone that this event is still happening. If you have any questions, please post them here. Everyone is welcome to join us.
Oh, a local in NorCal & I missed it. Well, getting to Sunnyvale w/o a car wouldn't have worked for me. Hope it was fun.

If anyone knows of any other SG in the Bay Area, feel free to post.
Nothing will happen for a while, but I will look into starting locals as soon as next month.