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Notes on Squigly, Eliza & random stuff


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Sep 4, 2013
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Squigly Eliza
Want to make a guide, but it's a lot.
Sharing's more fun.
If it helps anyone have an idea about something new, all that matters.
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Notes. 33% rule's a thing playing mostly safe & the rest poking in psychological ways to feel out your opponent. Not just when it'll work, but surprise the most. Lot's out of context - wasnt sure if I'd share or not. Some's a script blueprint, some myself. Hopefully makes a little sense, we'll see.


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These are all my squigly related notes I’ve taken in the past decade as noted above. Never planned to share these publicly, but instead simplify material into video guides; A few things will be out of context for most part, though fragmented, should make sense. Also included notes on Eliza as there was just 1 document. But I actually think they’re fairly important as they cover Active Zone Play (AZP) & break it down more in-depth for intermediate players who’ve hit a wall or others looking to level up.

Additionally I found out the 33% rule wasn’t just something I mused up but an established play style in poker called Game Theory Optimal. I high suggest checking that out. Additionally Flag Theory I recommend looking into as well in the 33% rule notes & it seems it applies to FGs in general. It turned out to be very consistent.

don’t let the title or thumbnail fool you, it’s a very simple/straightforward video

If anything in these notes are elaborated on please credit me. Have a nice day
Very insightful perspective & Helpful.