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Canada [Nov 15, 2014] Skullgirls Monthlies @ A&C World (Toronto, Ontario)

New date: Saturday Nov 15
Just wanted to let everyone know that A&C World is moving from their current location to a new location just south on the same street. It's closer to College street now.

Hope you don't get lost! Updated the OP with the address and map at the top.
The place will be on your right after you go south from Spadina station.

A&C World is just next door to A&C Games, it has a blue sign above the door and it goes down into a basement.

I know this is a minute thing and everything else has been updated but just correct the very first post to keep things consistent. Anyways I hope I can head out there and at least put up a fight.
@Nuuance I just realized that since A&C moved, they no longer have a basement and everything is on the same floor.


And thanks for letting me know @Maverick J. Hope to see you there!