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[Nov 18, 2016] Revolution 2016 (London, England)

there was a cool English/SCOTTISH dude at the Sainsburys for instance

If you're referring to me (Gingerbread Dispenser): You've got some nerve calling me scottish, m8
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If you're referring to me (Gingerbread Dispenser): You've got some nerve calling me scottish, m8
I thiiiiiiink so? Are you this dude?

If so hello! It was lovely to meet you, I think we wound up at different ends of various places like the party. I do remember you at Sainsburys but if we spoke again later it must have been after the skittlebrau had disabled all write access to my brain. You seem like a cool dude! Thanks for coming out.
angry toilet man for skullgirls 2017

ATM OR RIOT *insert Twitch emote*

Well, that was excellent. Major shoutouts to everyone that showed up. Each second with you guys was a blast.
I do hope this sparks interest for more offlines (check this map), and that we can board more events like this in the future.

The event was good. Huge thanks to the whole crew for their work, as everything went smoothly and it was definitely enjoyable. Even got to comment top8 with my boy @JDbbx !

Personal results:

P4AU: lost 0-2 against Saber, lost 1-2 against Bosco Bear
SG: lost 1-3 against Alex, won 3-0 against Vorgelia, won 3-2 against JD, lost 0-3 against Smile
GGxrd: lost 0-2, lost 1-2
VSAV: placed 3rd, loosing in loser final against the TO. 2,70£ cash prize AWWWWWWSHHHHIIIIIIIITTT

I don't think anyone linked the streams yet, so there you go:


Now, I will try to ease my post-Revo depression.
Hope to see you guys again soon!
I thiiiiiiink so? Are you this dude?

Yeah, that was me. I didn't stick around at the party long as I had a train I needed to catch that night and was driving back north (no not to scotland) the following morning. Thanks for your write-up and coming along to the event, an additional friendly face goes a long way in building the community. Prior to this, UK Locals for Skullgirls had a pretty dismal turnout with it usually being me (before I took my hiatus from the game),@Mr Peck, @Smile, @Alex12898 and @Grodie only being able to make it out to them and having to deal with pretty shoddy set-ups on-top. I'm sure I can speak for all of them then when I say we're really thankful to have seen so many people show up, speaking personally I know it's done a good job rekindling my interest in the game.
I'm looking forward to doing something like this again in the future and seeing all the cool dudes I met again.
Thanks so much to everyone who attended! An extra-special thanks to everyone who took the risk and traveled really far, despite it being the first time we'd been to Revo so we didn't know for sure how good the event would be.

I went into this tournament with the same mindset that I've had for locals over the past few years: that hardly anyone was going to turn up unless I kept asking or reminding them to do so, that we would hardly have any setups unless I brought them myself, and that I'd have to help out and act as an unofficial semi-TO to make sure things run smoothly.

Instead, you guys managed to hit my initial optimistic estimate of 30 entrants without me having to beg anyone to attend, and that was despite a bunch of UK players not being able to make it that weekend and the venue hitting max capacity before a load of other players could register. You brought a bunch of PS4/laptop setups for the BYOC area too, and we even had way more official setups than I expected on Saturday. It really sucks that the pools had to be remade at the last minute because of so many people registering or canceling on the day, and I'm really sorry that happened, but aside from that, the actual tournament seemed to run smoothly too. Thanks to you guys and the TOs, I didn't have to do anything other than turn up and play. It's a good feeling.

It was great to meet all of you, of course! I'm not going to list everyone because I'd end up with a post as long as CoolCab's and I'm way too lazy for that, but you're all awesome. I had no idea how much I was going to enjoy hanging out with the EU community because I don't spend a huge amount of time talking to the rest of you about things other than the game, especially over the last couple of months when I've been busy with work, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The overall skill level was a huge surprise too. I expected heavy tournament nerves from the whole community but everyone played super well in top 8, from bigbandpro69's parry streak to zeknife's H divekick trade onto L George to continue the combo to the way everyone dealt with Double despite the EU only having one or two players to practice the matchup against over here. Pool play was super solid too; I hadn't even seen Serenade play before this weekend and assumed he would have trouble beating an oldschool London vanilla SG player in round 1 of pools, but not only did he destroy him, he then went on to take a bunch of rounds off me and lots of other players over the next couple of days. I ended up placing lower in the tournament than I hoped for, not because I played much worse than I thought I would, but because everyone else played so well. If this is how strong the community is with almost no offline onstage tournament experience, I can't wait to see EU tournament sets a year from now.

Speaking of which, Revo will be back next year with a bigger venue, and we were the 4th biggest game at the event in terms of numbers so I'm sure we'll be on the lineup again! In the meantime, now that we've finally broken the cycle of not being able to run SG at EU events because there was no proof that the community would turn up to an offline tournament, let's try and get some other events to include us! It sounds like there's a good chance that Yuzutaku in Paris next February will run SG, so I'll try my best to make it down there if it happens. The train from London to Paris only takes two and half hours, so hopefully I won't be the only UK representative.

The other benefit of SG being at a big multi-game event like Revo is that a bunch of other local players got to see that our community exists. Way more BB/GG players entered SG as a side game than what I expected, and so many people came up on Sunday to learn about the game. I think a few of them have already joined the discord by now, and I saw at least a couple of players at the event who had been inactive in SG recently but got back the drive to improve after watching the tournament and playing casuals. If this happens at other events, the community should keep growing and growing.

And I got a trophy! Holy crap. I didn't see that coming at all, and I'll try to live up to the expectations that come with it.

Time for me to go back to trying to grow the London monthlies and biweeklies, and I'll see you at the next tournament!
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"It sounds like there's a good chance that American Dream 2017 in Paris next February might run SG"

ops that's a mistake, it used to be American Dream but now it's something else

more stuff will be decided in the next few days and then i'll make a thread bout it

1st: zeknife
2nd: KPB McPeanuts
3rd: ath
4th: Izzmo
5th: Mr.Peck, SillyOldDragon
7th: bigbandpro69, Mandarinen
9th: Drewbie, Mojo Jojo, Sanji, Smile
13th: Bigtonney, Pombear, Rex, Serenade
17th: Beuzer0, Bowser, Chucat, Chzchan, jd, MLSTRM, Ouhogen, Thunder
25th: Bosco Bosco Bear, Frost, TiredOcean, Vorgelia

More details: http://www.burningmeter.com/t/111/revolution-uk-2016-skullgirls-2nd-encore

GGs, guys!
you ever think about how Revolution takes place in a country that was the recipient of a revolution and Evolution takes place in a country where the idea of evolution still isn't accepted in some schools isn't that crazy to think about.

Finding out that the stream for this happened at 5 am my time made me realize how much it probably sucks to for Europeans to try and watch U.S. tournaments live keep up the good work EU.