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OFFICIAL: Black Dahlia Official Release! - PS4, Steam and Nintendo Switch


Hidden Variable
Mar 1, 2021
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Cerebella Valentine
Hey everyone,

The day has finally arrived! After months of development and testing, Black Dahlia is finally getting her official release on all systems! The dates are slightly staggered, but here are her official release dates:
  • Steam and PlayStation - Wednesday March 29th
  • Nintendo Switch - Friday March 31st
Alongside Black Dahlia herself there are a handful of updates that have been developed in the Beta on Steam. You can find all of that, and a look to other upcoming developments, detailed below.


If you own the Season One Pass, or purchase Black Dahlia’s DLC individually, here's what you get:
  • NEW STAGE - Every villain needs a lair to retreat to after a hard day's crime. For Black Dahlia, that's the Bunny Burrow, and you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
  • NEW MUSIC TRACK - “Down the Rabbit Hole” provides the ambiance on the Bunny Burrow, courtesy of Darren Malley and Insaneintherain.
  • STORY MODE - Black Dahlia has been unleashed on New Meridian and there’s only one question: Will anyone survive this?
  • PALETTES - Black Dahlia and her henchbunnies are masters of all forms of assassination... including dressing to kill! Choose from 31 unique palettes!
  • TUTORIALS / TRIALS - Learn to master Black Dahlia’s unique ammo and movement mechanics, then challenge yourself with her deadly combo trials.
  • ACHIEVEMENTS (PS4 ONLY) - Figuring out what these cryptic challenges even are will be half the battle.
For those who have purchased the Season One Pass you also get:
  • ALTERNATE "GOOD GRANNY" VOICE PACK - Give em the ol’ razzle dazzle with this exclusive alternate voice pack!
  • SEASON ONE BONUS PALETTE - An extra special 32nd bonus palette is available for Season One Pass holders that features gorgeous and unique visual effects!


Here are the other updates since the last official retail release:


Thanks to the hard work of our engineers, we have improved the button display prompt information system. Players can now choose between:
  • Automatic: Skullgirls automatically assigns button display based on the controller that is detected on startup
  • Xbox: Displays the controls as Xbox buttons
  • Playstation: Displays the controls as Playstation buttons
  • Generic: Generic button information (this is the old default configuration for SG2E)

Please note that the Playstation 4 and Switch versions will not let you choose between different button configuration displays for other platforms. However, PS4 players will notice various improvements made to the button configuration screen, including new button icons. Switch launched with all these UI improvements back in January.


Our engineers have made numerous improvements to multiplayer functionality, for both quick match and lobby play. We’re always aiming to improve the experience! If you see any bugs, please report them in our Discord.

  • Fixed a bug where catching Big Band with Tongue Twister at max distances could cause the camera to pan rapidly in his direction.
  • Fixed a bug where the eyeballs in Umbrella's "Under The Weather" Blockbuster would not rotate when she was Overstuffed.
  • Fixed a bug where Umbrella would sometimes fail to stagger her target with s.F+HP (Cliff Hanger) if she also hit or traded with some projectiles.
  • Fixed a bug where Umbrella could perform a puddle boosted version of Slurp 'n' Slide at a later time without being near a puddle if she previously ended Slurp 'n' Slide near a puddle in the past.
  • Fixed a bug where making two Retina Reflectors collide would cause the IPS stage to not advance.
  • Adjusted palette 30 colors for Umbrella so that Hungern is not impacted by lighting.
  • Fixed a bug where the Skull Heart from Umbrella's 30th palette would follow the enemy around if they defeated her using Umbrella's "Feeding Time" Blockbuster.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Beowulf to perform hopdash attacks back to back faster than intended.
  • The crowd will now "boo" Beowulf instead of cheering for him if he is fighting Black Dahlia on her own stage.
  • To prevent accidental taunts, Ms. Fortune can no longer perform her taunt for 60 frames after performing jHP or her Air Dash.
  • Added a new palette (palette 29) based on Ms. Fortune’s costume in the Skullgirls comic on Webtoon.
  • [Steam Only] Temporarily disabled the “-beta” launch code
  • [Steam Only] Added a “Mute When Unfocused” option to the sound settings, which will mute Skullgirls 2E if it is not the active window
  • Added in updated Final Atrium 2D Art.
  • Added in Boardwalk Stage 2D Art (Prototype & Final).
  • Added in No Man's Land 2D Art.
  • Updated Class Notes 2D Art.
  • Added Alt Class Notes 2D Art.
  • New "Master Volume" control that influences all in-game volumes.
  • Fixed stuttering when fast-forwarding credits.
  • Improved transition from Art Gallery to Main Menu.
  • Fixed logo screens not being skippable after a certain point.

This brings Skullgirls up to these versions on each platform:
Steam: 3.5.11
PS4: 1.14
Switch: 1.05

We recently gave a full rundown of what we have planned for Skullgirls in the coming months, but here’s some updates:


The final DLC character in the Season 1 Pass, Marie, is well on her way now! We’ll be keeping the focus on Black Dahlia for now to properly celebrate her release, but don’t worry we’ll have plenty to talk about Marie in the coming months! Stay tuned for news about Marie’s Alpha on Steam later in the year!


(Just a note that this is an extremely early look at Marie’s development, and this animation may change significantly before she makes her actual debut!)


We have long planned to do a general balance pass for Skullgirls 2nd Encore. We want to give this balance pass the proper attention it deserves and not split our attention too severely, so we will be working on this before Marie’s Alpha is released. Keep an eye out for news on this in the coming weeks.


We are still on track to update the Japanese edition of Skullgirls 2nd Encore to match the Western releases in early 2023, and the Season 1 Pass will finally be made available! We’ll have more news soon on this!


Development for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X continues! It’s been almost 10 years since Skullgirls last released on an Xbox system, so it’s no small task spooling up a whole new edition of the game. Our engineers are hard at work and we’ve implemented most major features such as multiplayer, lobbies, combat, and UI screens. We can’t wait to get it into your hands!


We’ll be updating the Digital Art Compendium with all of Black Dahlia’s animation frames and other production art in the near future.
The Official Soundtrack will also be updated with ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’.

Both the Soundtrack and Digital Art Compendium are available in the Season 1 Pass on Steam if you haven’t picked it up already!


We’ve had a long standing relationship with Eighty Sixed as purveyors of top quality Skullgirls merch and apparel.

Keep an eye out in the next few days for some very special new merch…


Who would believe that 10 years later we’d still be adding new characters to Skullgirls? Black Dahlia’s release is the result of months of work across two teams. It’s a momentous occasion and we literally could not have done it without the support of all of you who have kept Skullgirls thriving for so many years.

As always, thanks so much for all of your support, and stay tuned on our social media pages (Twitter, Facebook) for the latest info on all things Skullgirls!

- All of us at Hidden Variable Studios and Future Club <3