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Painwheel reset thread


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Sep 22, 2013
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We don't have one so I made one.

I wanted to share this cross up reset I have with Painwheel (idk if it's already been made), she can set it up herself but it's very character specific however with the right assist she has more options as long as the assist can prop up the enemy enough such that jMP can prop up the character enough for a crossunder situation where she can also threaten air throw.

What can pw do with it? Almost anything, dash under low, fly overhead, armor whatever comes down, air throw if you have the proper height, stuff like that.

It's harder if Painwheel does it on her own as I haven't found the absolute best otg option to drop a full hit jMP on. I didn't check all the characters it works on but it likely only works on lights and a few mediums minus bella because lol bella. The ideal otg would be one where PW gets all 4 jMP hits and is still close enough to dash under.

With an assist it's much easier and universal depending on your assist. (Even on Big Band!) It's just that finding the proper height for the tightest crossup will require your own research because I'm far too lazy. Maybe she doesn't even have to otg to it on her own idk.

Now share your things

EDIT: I have edited this post because at least for now I've found that pw tag/throw seems to net the possible otg that makes the reset work even on bella by herself. Here it is in action. I got it to work on double too. Might be worth doing to reset throw scaling asap

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