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Party Python Festival 2: Return of Jafar [4/12 11AM PST]

Hey guys, the tournament is Tomorrow Morning! I'm super stoked but there are still a ton of slots we could fill. Please spread this around tonight as best you can <3
Signed up.
Can commentate again if you need someone.
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1. Cloudking :PAR::CER::DUB:
2. Duckator :VAL::FIL::DUB:
3. Fuzzy Snugs :SQG::ELI:
4. Fenster :PAR: / :ELI::PAR:
5. Winnie :FIL::ELI::DUB:/:FIL:/:FIL::ELI:
5. DMoney107:PAR::ELI::FIL:
7. Biz Casual :FIL::BEO::ELI:
7. Pickles :FIL::BIG:

All those Ankhs though... I felt like counting
Top 8 Character Usage:

:FOR::PAI::PEA: :FUK:- 0
:SQG::VAL::BIG::BEO: - 1

:CER: - 1
:DUB::PAR: - 3
:FIL: - 5
:ELI: - 5
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Next time you probably shouldn't put specific commentators in the banner when they rotate, cause now there are gonna be some people who think I'm McPeanuts.
So here's the deal folks.

I'm going to be running one more of these. Probably sometime in May. After that I will pick the 16 best placing players and then put them in a 16 man all 3/5 championship tournament which will be held at a later date. There will be prizes (don't know what yet, probably paypal money/steam game of choice/idk lol) for the Top 3 at this "championship" tournament.
I legitimately tried to wake up at 11AM

I couldnt
Actually I use Filia, not Cerebella. Didn't see that error at first. @Dagwood
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I'm sorta tight neither of these tournaments had any Peacocks in top 8, I may have to actually enter the next one if I can't convince Cloudking to play a Peacock team
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I want to play in one of these. I'll make my best efforts to play in the next one.
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