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Steam - Windows PC Danisen League

I would like to sign up.

Squigly, Fukua
Hurumi Hasaki
Ms.Fortune and Fukua I haven't play this in a really long time could be the thing to get back into it.
1st Dan Match: Luweewu 2-0 Highlake
1st Dan Match: Luweewu 2-0 FakeangeL
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1st Dan match Saske 2-0 FurryZA

I should be Dan 2 now
2nd Dan Match: D-Money107 2-1 SOCKS
1st Dan match: Colossi 2 - 0 FurryZA
Steam ID: Chuck N. Plazma
Team: :PEA:
So I'm changing my team to Solo Parasoul. I don't think this does anything to my score because I'm 1st Dan with 0.
Figured I should actually get in here now, I could use the practice and incremental difficulty/rankings is cool.
Steam ID: Zephyrel
Peacock, Bella, Big Band.

I do prefer Beta but Retail is cool too I guesssssssssssss
Thanks Kenin for making this thing.
Steam: ViolentViolet
Eliza, Ms. Fortune, Squigly

long live the danisen league!

lmao see me
i liek shoes c:
Squigly, Double (SG Team)
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People really should revive this thing or something. We should have like a Danisen Day or PC Danisen Stream. This league is sitting here, and nobody's doing anything with it, even though it's something you could easily do on your free time after a little warmup. I say that someone in the community should stream it, and I'm open to setting up and streaming perhaps, with co-commentators. Whoever else would wish to volunteer, well, I'll make a thread about it later today, I s'pose. Or you can make that thread, heeyyyy.
Well, I was managing it, and streaming it, but then someone decided to try and cheat and when I called him out on it, he turns around and calls me power-hungry and that he doesn't have to report to me. Just like how you totally don't have to report to the person running your bracket at a tournament because he's not the head TO. Makes perfect sense.

Sure is fun to play in a dead league!
Mmm, what a dick. If you want to, you can pm me more about it at least to complain or tell me what happened. But yeah, dead league.

Skullbats and such not run, so I see why not we can't still do this and bring it back.
Wednesday, at least for me, sounds like a good day to host it weekly
@Zephyrel contact me if you need anything in relation to the steam group.

I would like to see this get revived, so let's see what we could work up.
if we ACTUALLY get this back up and running, I was working on hosting a database with a form to report matches when danisen kinda died, I can clean it back up and get it ready to go if people will actually use it
I kinda forgot about this completely. Are you planning a weekly stream for each league/level or something?
@Shamanlord that's -awesome-.

@Lilman I will see. That's the plan, anyways, but streaming requires a particular amount of time and at a set reoccuring date, and I'm a bit too busy atm to be doing regularly scheduled streaming. Uni, finals, notes, classes etc. I'd also have to improve my own irregularly timed stream where almost nobody talks, and make a new stream layout, cause people like the game on 2/3's the screen I guess? Whatever.

The Plan:
We set up Dan Matches to be played in every league and stream up the leagues, from Dan1 up. We make it work like Skullbats a little. Show up in steam group chat, but with dan ranking on name. Every inchat participant may claim up to 3 matches at a time per stream day against others. More motivation to win and we don't want the stream to last forever, after all. All matches on stream. Commentators are nice, so, hey it'd be open, and fun. I think we should use Mumble, for ease of use and having something we can invite particular hardfighting players into to talk/ask about their play, and so that they might ask commentators to as well. As a preventative abuse measure, I think admins/organizers should have access to it only. Let players report in chat and they can make the necessary edits.

I wanta get this revived, and I ~love~ a good fight. Plus I'd like to see where I can push my rank. Dan league has hella potential, esp. for players to consistently have good matches, learn, and keep track of progress. And having a solid ranking system is great so let's use it and go

that's it for this phonepost 'til later, peace

and get ready
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Dunno if any progress has been made towards getting danisen back up, but if there's anything I can do to help just let me know, I really like the danisen format and would also like to see it come back.

But the reason for this post is I have my database in what I'd consider an "alpha" state (i.e. it works and MOST obvious stuff I think is fixed), so without further ado,

here it is!

go nuts entering things/trying to break it, I have the current standings backed up so the only way a problem could come about is if (for god knows what reason) someone entered a real dan match into the form (and not in this thread) and expected it to be recorded, so don't do that!

Known problems:
-when entering a result you have to type the name exactly as it was registered (i.e. as it appears on the rankings) or it's not recorded. This is normal, if you have questions about someone's name on danisen just ask them or consult the rankings, so this isn't the problem. The issue is that if you enter a result with ONE wrong name, e.g. if i try to record "Zephyrl beats Pickles 2-0", I will get the loss/point reduction but zeph will not gain points because i spelled his name wrong. The simple fix is to loop to check every name against the database when recording but it's not efficient and I'm looking for a better way.
-no range limits on score entered, this isn't super high priority for me to fix because it only affects the entry in the match history, but technically you CAN put something like Silent Dolphin beats Pickles 1000000-100 and it'll be accepted

let me know either with PM or by posting here if you find any issues, I'll probably put a usage guide on the page sometime maybe. Also if anyone knows CSS feel free to spruce up the page a bit, I want to get it completely working before doing that myself because I hate web design stuff, but if you don't then it's not like I'm particularly attached to a site that looks like plaintext.
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this basically fixes the actual problem of Danisen reporting; You may want to have a Comment/Proof section for things, so long as you sanitize the input properly or can find a way around it.

You should probably also keep a "rules" struct and validate input that way and reject silly shit like the 1000-10, -124825, 125081258125 or whatever have you, but I ain't no db programminger you know this shit

I may or may not take you up on that offer for css though because why not.
Yea we need to have forced matches with random opponent from your same Dan.
It's too easy to join and dodge all the players who would beat you

Also, Character lock is kinda wack imo~
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this basically fixes the actual problem of Danisen reporting; You may want to have a Comment/Proof section for things, so long as you sanitize the input properly or can find a way around it.

You should probably also keep a "rules" struct and validate input that way and reject silly shit like the 1000-10, -124825, 125081258125 or whatever have you, but I ain't no db programminger you know this shit

I may or may not take you up on that offer for css though because why not.

this is actually my first time doing a real project with php/mysql, i don't do a lot of web stuff I'm trying to get into it, that said:

1) as long as the comment wasn't being put into the database I probably wouldn't have to do too much to sanitize it but what would be the idea of having a comment section? you mentioned proof but this has pretty much always been reporting on the honor system and since match history is saved people can verify that if they think a match was dishonestly reported

2) yeah i have some stuff to validate input i just didn't bother putting those limitations in yet since i was working on other stuff, but it won't be too hard to implement

3) <3 just send me the stylesheet if you do decide to do anything and i can put it in, let me know what span/div tags you'd need added
#1: Proof that you win, mostly. This is exactly the reason all my entries are backed up with video or screenshot
#2: Yeah, that's just me talkin' out loud
#3: Will get to work and probably hit you back up several days from now if I do not forget
Yea we need to have forced matches with random opponent from your same Dan.
It's too easy to join and dodge all the players who would beat you

Also, Character lock is kinda wack imo~

Not forcin' matches, but encorage the hell outta players to really fight and climb these ranks.

Also, character lock is the rules, buuuut... With Skullgirls it really is team count matchup is pretty important. I agree we shouldn't be locked to one team. Duo damage has gotten hella strong, and crazinees and weak matchups are bound to happen.

@keninblack, you first appropriated the Dan rules. How does having two teams registered to each player sound?
And for that matter, everyone reading this, too? How do y'all feel about team lockdown?
The point of danisen is to see how far you can go with a given character/team, regardless of the matchup. You can already counterpick with assist choices and change order on loss (rip solos tho,) so i don't see the need for several teams for counterpick purposes. We already have a rule set up to gain multiple teams, which is to rank up get to 5th dan first.

Changes I feel should be considered:

One of the issues we had were newbies coming in and getting sent into the 1st Dan negatives their first day, getting discouraged, and quitting as a result.

One solution was presented by @IsaVulpes in the EU dan thread:
But if it's eg "I am scared of things", there are a plethora of adjustments that could make it a bit less.. pressuring.

For example:

- Everyone now starts in Dan 0 rather than Dan 1.
- Dan 0 players can challenge other Dan 0s, and also Dan 1s
- You get into Dan 1 by winning 2(3?) games.
- You can't fall from Dan 1 into Dan 0
- Losses plain aren't counted

This way you could "massgame" yourself up to Dan1, with no fret for the results, to ease into the entire thing a bit -
You would still get into Dan1 with a score of 2-50, so you can just play in a very relaxed atmosphere and try to get accustomed to the system.

This would have the additional advantage that there is an actual reason to keep playing a team (currently if I am in D1 and play say Parasoul/Filia and lose my first 3 games, I can either try to climb from -3, or say "okay I switch teams, Filia/Parasoul now!" and am back to 0).

Essentially 0 Dan acts as a trial rank to give newbies a place to get their bearings without having to worry about losing games. This would also reduce the clutter in 1st Dan of people who never played a single game.

Another suggestion along with this is to make it so that you can't go into the negatives in 1st Dan. Losses still apply, but you can't fall into a hole.
I like this idea of Dan 0 and it should be implemented, yes! ...But we run into problems of moving the current bracket/those at Dan 1, and those above them. Just derank everyone by a Dan I suppose, if it were the case? Ehhhh... Mmm... Alternatively we could have the minimum Dan1 score be 0, so that way if you lose your first match or whatever; match at Dan1 score 0, you aren't penalized outright for losing.

After hearing some things and IRC on the matte of lockdown, some vehemently stood by the principles, and some others were lopposed, I have an idea as an alternative to Team Lock that could be to other players favors. Cause sometimes health/damage output ratios can be terrifying for players and newbies. So to ease up limits, I propose character lockdown instead. You get to lockdown up to 3 characters, and you may compose your yeam of these three characters, however you wish! Dan 5 would unlock up to 3 more characters as opposed to another team, BUT, they must consist of 3 characters that aren't on their first team whatsoever.

How sound is this?

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So I did a little bit of research into how danisen had been implemented elsewhere, and I think a few of the changes might be useful here to alleviate some of the problems:

Problem: People getting discouraged about getting into a hole.
Solution: make 0 the minimum score in dan 1. I like this idea more than having a "dan 0" since the dan 0 idea seems to consist of just dropping everyone down a dan and then applying the proposed dan 1 changes to dan 0.

Problem: At the other end of the spectrum, people at higher ranks lose interest when they run out of people to play vs. Solution: This is the ONLY dan league I've seen that does not allow people to play danisen matches against people outside their dan. Most allow dan matches with people +/- 1 your dan. I think that might be a useful idea. I like the idea of forced matches in your dan (at least on stream) so if someone like dekillsage decides to play on PC dan, people can't just duck him because they don't want the loss, and I think the dan matches on stream should all be in same dan (unless two players 1 dan apart agree), but I think it would be helpful for people 1 dan higher/lower to be able to play vs each other if they both agree to the match (I wouldn't force matches not of the same dan).

(tl;dr you can play people 1 dan higher/lower than you, but you're only "forced" to play vs someone in your dan and on stream, so if you sign up to play dan on stream you know what you're getting into.)

The character lock thing, I agree with luweewu on that you should only be able to play your registered team since that does seem to be the point of danisen, and a pretty consistent rule across leagues. Maybe make it so that you can register multiple teams, but cap it out at 2-3? The "dan 5 before you can make new teams", I see the point of it but it seems overly restrictive.
Changes to reporting page:

-Added a comment section. Comments are displayed in match history. Plaintext as well as links should go through fine, so for example if you want to put a youtube link in your comment to prove the match happened you can. To prevent vulnerabilities comments are stored into a text file, not the sql database, and they are read from file when loading the match history page. Because the comment file is only changed when the history database is and vice versa there SHOULDN'T be inconsistencies but if you find any let me know.
-Set restrictions on scores, now both winner and loser score values must be between 0 and 2.