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Playerbase on PS4/Vita?


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Jul 9, 2015
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Considering potentially playing this game on the side, but I was wondering how active the game is on the aforementioned systems. I don't have a computer/laptop right now, so playing on Steam is out of the question.
okay so due to the up-coming lobby patch that is coming out all PS Family versions of SG will be able to play each other so that means PS3, PS4, And PSVita peeps will be able to duke it out. That should bring up the player base and unify them. Again, it will most likely not be as large as the community on PC, BUT, the numbers should be there were you will be able to get in a fair amount of quick matches in on weekends.
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All the PS family can play together, but we just can't send invites from one system to the other (PS3 can invite PS3 but it can't invite PS4 or Vita). There's quite a few people on quick match throughout the day but your best bet is either playing with friends and you can even play in PSN Skullbats.