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Please stop calling it "Absolute Guard."

For the record Omniguard and Omniblock are both already in use. It's used to explain how I can seemingly escape the concept of blocking by pressing buttons.
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So what is Absolute Guard?
Absolute Guard is when blockstun keeps you blocking even if you stop holding Back. If you want an easy demonstration of how it works, just block the first hit of Cerecopter and then let go of the stick. You will keep blocking it because Skullgirls has Absolute Guard.

This sounds more like you're describing "auto-guard" since, when you block an attack, if another move touches you while you're still in blockstun the game will automatically continue blocking for you and all you need to do is hit down or neutral to block low/high respectively.

Absolute Guard, the technique, as it is in Skullgirls, gives you absolute coverage against everything. When properly performed, you can't be hit high/low or thrown or crossed up for the duration of the pushblock animation. This sounds pretty absolute to me.

Also, you do realise that "perfect" and "absolute" mean the same thing, right? Maybe people have been using the wrong term to refer to auto-block this whole time.

Whoever coined the term to refer to omnidirectional blocking obviously didn't know what Absolute Guard was.
People didn't know about Advanced Blocking in Skullgirls prior to Worldjem's video that immediately called it Absolute Guard.

Well, then I guess Mike Z didn't know what Absolute Guard was. :^)
I named it after what he called it when it was first discovered. I made that video on the same day it was discovered to be in SG. We were talking in the IRC when it happened.
I didn't know there was a name for either of the two mechanics mentioned in your first post, when this was first discovered, but I prefer calling things what they actually are and not just calling it something because other people have been calling it that forever.

You don't get perfect coverage by simply being in blockstun.
OT, but we need a glossary thread again, or a link to one in the beginner resources thread
In the end, I'm not even sure why do you think this is confusing. Cuz let's see, Absolute Guard as in "Blocking everything as long as you're still in blockstun" still has the same effect as in "changing a direction while in pushblock in order to block everything). In the end both relate to the idea that every move will be blocked after a certain action, the only difference is that one is manual the other isn't.

EDIT: And yeah, if you think about it, Absolute Guard in SG is an even more powerful defense as mentioned by Worldjem. Even if you imagine a fast left/right super it wouldn't be the same thing. Auto-Guard and Absolute Guard covers both more accurately.
I've only ever seen "Block without holding back if you were in blockstun" referred to as Autoguard, and that makes the most sense from a word standpoint, too.
AbsoluteGuard doesn't make any sense at all for this, because you're not actually guarding absolutely. If that really used to be the term for autoguard, whoever came up with it is stoopid.
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Don't fret about trivial issues like labels man.

I shall exercise my natural birth given right to name it "Super Ultra Mega Omega Cyclone Jet Armstrong XXX defensive offensive defensive block tactical maneuver" and there is nothing you can do about it.
Don't fret about trivial issues like labels man.

I shall exercise my natural birth given right to name it "Super Ultra Mega Omega Cyclone Jet Armstrong XXX defensive offensive defensive block tactical maneuver" and there is nothing you can do about it.
Wow. Way to steal my name for it. But I guess it's different since I capitalize "defensive offensive defensive block tactical maneuver" and you don't.

Holy crap you guys like making things much more difficult than they need to be.

Edited to sound less mean.
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I feel you, Broken Loose. Even if you are putting your argument with a bit more hostility than necessary.

Ideally, we'd have no cross contamination between pools of terms referring to similar mechanics. Those of you who want to call the "not-absolute-guard" a Perfect Guard make me think of other games that reward blocking at the last possible second. I believe it goes by Just Guard in Guilty Gear and EX Guard in Melty Blood, but I always remember it as Perfect Guarding even though I can't recall where I learned the term from (probably not a fighting game). To me, any of these terms could be used interchangeably because they are executed in a similar fashion, and thus belong in the same pool. "Purple block" does not belong.


You did mention that Absolute Guard is most notable WHEN IT IS NOT PRESENT. Thus the importance of the term feels trivial in the face of a term that notes its absence. The Japanese term was Active Guarding, correct? By using the power of context, one can probably figure out whether someone is talking about "purple blocking" or "no Active Guard".

P.S. I initially wanted to call "purple blocking" "Unbreakable Guard" but then I thought that such a term would imply the presence of Guard Breaks or actual Unblockable attacks. I wonder if any new characters' attacks will have such properties as well.

P.P.S. Calling it Showstopping would have been good thematically if not for Cerebella's Ultimate Showstopper.