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Squigly Possible taunt effect

Dark Spark 47

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Dec 4, 2014
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Dark Spark 47
Squigly Double Beowulf
Now all of the characters in game have taunts, and all of them have some positive effect (some more than others) except Squigly's. I do think her's is one of the better taunts (probably because I'm majorly biased) but wouldn't a good taunt effect be for it to charge one or both of her stances? Just an idea.
the whole point of the new taunts was just to give everyone taunts, they didn't have gameplay effects on purpose because that would be annoying for everyone to try to balance. The gameplay effects given in the last patch are miniscule at best, an instant stance charge off of taunt would not be miniscule.
Caring Demon taunt is broken as fuck I dont know what you're talking about.