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Possible weekly beginner Swiss for NA East/South


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Nov 3, 2013
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Washington DC/Orlando, Florida
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I have been thinking lately for players on the North America East Coast and South that if you are just starting beginner in SG and preferably is your first FG we should have a weekly swiss tourney. The only point of this would to get practice so you could get better, so I doubt you will see the graces of anybody who is actually worthy in the community. What you will probably get is someone like me, who's play is disgraceful at best. I heard of the swiss system and looked it up but someone would first have to explain it a little more cause it's a bit confusing in details (maybe I am looking in the wrong places) and I want to know how we should set this up. This is simply an idea, and preferably we should have Skype to make talking to each other easier. I am not doing this if no one is interested which isn't that big of a deal cause there is always lobbies. We don't need a lot of people, I am looking at 8 or more. For now, tell me if you are interested, know someone who would be interested, or want to give me a more simple explanation of Swiss. This is would be designed mainly for utter beginners with no FG experience who really want to get better. You can also hit me up on Stream if you are interested.