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Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Necrobump for love of Madoka. I love this show!

Homura best girl.
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panik, y u do dis?
I used to think Homura was the best. Then I watched Rebellion.
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Still waiting for a new season or a movie.
Urobuchi is a little busy rolling around in that Gaim money.
This was the second anime i ever watched online, the first one was Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt but i hated that one, man, i remember i was hospitalized so i , for once, wanted to watch something rather than play something, so while looking at a Smash Bros parody i found this one awesome crossover video of Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Captain Falcon, said video convinced me and i started watching, holy shit did the feels and overall themes hit me hard, i fucking loved everything about it, i went ahead an even showed it to several friends and so far all of them has loved it, i haven't watched Rebellion because i don't need to since my GF spoiled the third movie to me.

Also, it was thanks to Puella Magi Madoka Magica that i took what probably was the best decition i've ever done, watch One Piece, that manga/anime changed my life forever, and now both Madoka Magica and One Piece have special places in my heart forever.
They have to make a movie sequel at some point. It's so wide open.
I can see it now: Madoka Movie 4: Homura Somehow Finds A Way to Fuck Things Up Even Worse
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Plot twist of the new movie: Hitomi was the true villain all along.
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She already was

What a bitch
again, Urobuchi is still rolling around in that lockseed money.
so it will be a while till the next movie.
I want to see Madoka and Homura go at it. That's where I see it headed.
I want to see Madoka and Homura go at it. That's where I see it headed.
I definetly see it happening.
i wanna see madoka and homura trade stickers
So I finished the anime, and I know the movies are next, but... are the first two movies solely re-tellings, or do they have any new things slipped in? Would I be missing out on anything if I were to skip them and jump straight to the 3rd?
i'm pretty sure the entire point of the series is that Homura is doing a lot of things wrong
Which means that if she didn't do anything wrong in the first place, we won't get the series and movie which technically means she did nothing wrong.
Who says the series and movie were good things?
I kid.
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I recently started watching this for the second time, and it is just as good as I remember it. This is one of the two only animes I've ever actually enjoyed or have watched completely, and I really love it.
What is the general opinion about the dub? When I first watched the anime I watched the sub, but currently I am watching the dub. I think it is terrible.
The only performance I actually liked was Sayaka. I didn't like her VA's performance as Peacock (although I attribute that to the annoying filter always placed on her), but she has a really good performance here.
Who is best Puella?
and why is it Kyoko?
I feel like I'm the only person who absolutely loathes Kyoko. Personally I feel like Sayaka is the best character simply because she gets the most development. The whole love triangle thing is silly as it always is but it is interesting to watch her go from being excited to be a magical girl to really regretting it. She's the only one we actually see go through the process of realizing they made a mistake. Everyone else is off-screen or, in the case of Mami, doesn't regret it.
I also really like Mami because she has a good dynamic with everyone else, but I'm disappointed more time isn't spent on her. Madoka is fine but she spends a lot of time crying which gets a bit grating, and Homura is a bit too edgy sometimes but she's got a decent backstory which is always nice.
Madoka's sweet, Kyoko's cool, Homura's literally the devil, Blue Madoka Blue Madoka'd herself into oblivion, and Mami is queen.

Nagisa is just cheesy.
But i like Blue Madoka............
I watched this anime, and I loved it so much! I got to say is one of my favorite anime series of all time. I'm going to get flamed for this, but I really like the English dub. I honestly don't have any problems with it at all, and I really love Homura's voice acting performance by Cristina Vee. Plus, other voice actresses have been doing a fine job on voicing the characters too.
i have to say this is my very least favorite sailor moon