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Question about the 10th palette [PS3]


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Jun 25, 2015
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Valentine Eliza Ms. Fortune
Hey guys! First post here and I have a question.

Recently got back in to this game in a big way, had the original edition, rebought encore, and played it to death. I already had unlocked the 10th color palette by putting in the code, but I also recently bought the Eliza DLC. The palette is still locked, and I can't enter the code again. Is there any way to get that skin? It's bugging me to death haha.

Thanks in advance
Entering the code again after you own Eliza should work, there is no check for whether you already did it.

If it doesn't, for some reason, then...
Deleting your savedata and re-entering the code should work, if you want to go that route.
Buying the color DLC will also unlock everything for all the characters you own, if you want to go that route.

I've had the same issue for PS3. Did the code before Eliza to get #10 for everyone else. Post-Eliza, the code doesn't register a 2nd time, so no #10 for Beo & Robo (after release). Unless the code issue is fixed when the big Robo update hits. It's a minor thing (though Beo #10 looks cool). I wish #10 could be unlocked another way (automatically, tutorial completion, etc). But if it's too much trouble, that's fine.