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Questions about Gameplay and Accurate Learning Resources


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May 8, 2017
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Hello, everyone. Long-time fighting game lover and player, here to ask for some things to point me in the right direction. I have been playing Skullgirls off and on for quite some time now, starting with the release of Squiggly. Whenever I start to get into it, I scour the net for guides, tech, combos, tournament data, match-ups, etc. However, the problem with this is that when I would and am currently attempt this, I'm met with many guides, information, and tournament matches that are of a different version of the current iteration. The game has gone through so many updates that it was and still seems to be difficult to find anything that gives accurate information. Now that the Golden version of SG has released, I thought I'd pick it back up because surely there might be something more solid, and has had more time to build the community. That all being said, here are my questions.

  • Are old guides still relevant? When I first started, there was an amazing Squiggly video guide by Try2Games. It gave all sorts of data on hitboxes, frames, combos, pressure, tech, and a plethora of other things all dedicated to Squiggly. Is any of this still relevant anymore? I'm sure a lot of the basics are, and her character concepts as a whole, but I want to make sure that I have something reliable for the current version to build my foundation and knowledge with. It's incredibly difficult (for me, at least) to find this much supplementary information for a character.
  • Is there a better place to get help and ask questions about characters? As far as I have noticed, the character forums on Skullheart seem to have stagnated. Many posts and threads are a year or more old, and I can't imagine that questions will be answered all too quickly.
To ask a few more general questions:
  • Is it the general consensus that having three characters is better than having one? While I know that the weakness of having multiple characters is that having them called as assists can lead to double snaps, it seems much more useful to be able to cover your characters' weaknesses through assists. Are players whom use a singular character at a disadvantage?
  • Is "X" team a good team? While I know this is a rather beginner question prone to having the nuance of the meta fall on deaf ears, I just would like an opinion on the balance of a team utilizing Squiggly, Peacock, and Filia. They're my top 3 favorites in the game so I don't much plan on trying to swap anyone out for more balance. I'd just like an opinion on these characters functioning as a team so I can strategize how to coordinate them and what my weaknesses are that I should be aware of.
Thanks to all of those that sat through all that, and I hope to play with you guys soon.


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Dec 4, 2013
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basically with old guides they are pretty much 90% useable. if the guide is from 2013 or before, then the combos in the guide need to be modified for Undizzy. Other than that, yeah you can use most guides. Newer ones will have better tricks and setups/mixups giving out to you.

You can ask for help here is alright. but if you need help in less than an hour you can come over to the SkullGirls Community Discord. Basically it's like SkullHeart only in real time.

The general consensus is "If you can make it work, go for it" It's true that alot of high lvl players use trio teams but that's only because they have found set ups and strategies for them that require two assists to help cover them and to make such things possible. It in no regard devalues a solo character.

okay so making a team of Squigly Peacock and Filia is pretty easy. Do you want to Rush down? Put Filia on point and have Squigly on second with Dragon 'n Bite assist, and Peacock with George day out, or Air Show George.

if you want Squigly on front just have Filia in second position and have her run UpDo assist. Same assist for Peacock as last team.

Peacock on front have Squigly on Second with Dragon' Bite and Filia with UpDo or Hair Ball assist. These are the optimal set ups, but you can experiment and try out different orders and assists. They can work out for you.


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May 29, 2015
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There is the beginner BnB thread with combos that all work and I believe Liam redid a bunch of the initial posts in character combo threads so those should be good as well. As for specific character guides, I think there are a couple (though I don't know for Squigly) like Kenin's Parasoul guide. For most characters, bnb combos haven't changed much over the past year or two (though for some, like Fukua, they are radically different, but that's rare and Squigly should be fine).
While there isn't much active discussion on the forum, I believe there are still a fair few people hanging about who will perk up and answer a question if they see you post in the character forums/gameplay general. There's also a SG discord (I can send you a link if you haven't already joined) that is very active. You can also set up a training diary to ask questions and reflect on your progress here.

3v2v1 is quite controversial in terms of which is best. Many view solos as being worse though they do have a lot of tools to make up for the lack of assists. Whether they are better or worse than teams, I can't say but I think most would agree that they are viable, even in high level play. They aren't so common among more experienced players though I think primarily because people generally enjoy playing teams more due to the added tools and character variety. Certain characters definitely work better as solos than others (Val and Peacock are two characters who benefit a lot from a team while someone like Cerebella can be very scary solo).

There is a dedicated team building thread in the general gameplay forum, I'd recommend asking there as you are more likely to get responses. SQ, PC, FI is quite an unorthodox team since they are all commonly thought of as being either mid or point characters and none of them is really a great anchor. That said, practically any team is viable in SG so you can definitely make it work. I'd probably go for Filia (H Updo)/Peacock (One of the georges)/ Squigly (Drag n' Bite/cr.HP) or Peacock (One of the georges)/Squigly (Drag n' Bite)/Filia (H Updo). I think, so long as you don't put Peacock as your anchor, you can place the characters in whichever order you want. Even then, you can put Peacock on anchor/mid with the intention of swapping her out once the match gets started (the McPeanuts strategy, deal with Peacock's poor roundstart by using another character who deals with it better then swap out when you get a chance).

Hope some of that's helpful.