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Questions regarding replay viewer/replays in general


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Nov 29, 2013
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Not sure if this is the right place to post this but out of all the subfourms this seemed like the one it would most likely go under.

Are the replay files saved to a location where I could copy/move them between computers or back them up, and secondly, since they are saved as inputs, will the replays cease to function correctly between patches if anything done in the match itself had it's proprieties changed in a patch since the match was recorded?
They are saved in Documents\SkullGirls Beta\Replays, so yes you can back them up or move them between computers or what have you

They are just a list on inputs and thus yes, they will break with patches in case the patch changed anything about the game

Bonus Notes:
- There are a few other Desync Issues right now, most notably with Argus Argony

- If you have too many Replays, starting up the game takes forever and/or may not work at all.
When I hit 4000+, my game just kept crashing when I tried to start it; since I deleted all of them it is fine again.
Also I noticed that when I was playing back matches from online they were just completely nonsensical. Are there plans to account for lag anytime soon?