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Really weird Double tech


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Sep 4, 2013
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So, I have no idea how to make this into a practical application, but if you use the Motorcade right before a Republican Car, the car can't hit you from behind. My capture software is on the fritz, so I can't make a good video of it, but I just spent the last half hour testing it in the lab. As long as Parasoul's super flash happens first, the car will always come from full screen with no damage dealt to either (the bikes eat all the hits of the car and double is invulnerable for around 60000 frames). I first noticed this during a match where we got into a counter DHC battle and was shocked when nothing happened. I just went into the lab and recorded Double doing a st.HP xx Car and held the 'reverse' for a solid 10 seconds after, just in case it was just me letting go of the stick too early and the super flash eating up the entirety of my direction hold. I know that's not the case because my recorded Double would walk after the supers clashed. I can only ever see it intentionally applying during DHC counters, but there ya go.