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Reboot rebooted


Normal Knees
Sep 3, 2013
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Filia Cerebella Fukua
Wow that CGI looked better in my memories, but dang if it wasn't a great show back in the day. Hope they don't ruin it like how they messed up so many other series reboots (no pun intended)
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God I missed this show -w-
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I remember hearing at one point, somewhere in the ballpark of 6 years ago, that Reboot was getting rebooted. I had thought that idea got scrapped. Having the people who worked on the original on board is certainly a plus!

Speaking of which, the first couple of seasons of the original series is on Netflix, but the later seasons where
Bob is lost in the net
and onwards are not, unfortunately.
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Wow, this show looks really old looking back on it. Still, the mask villain still looks at good/crazy/evil as ever.
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Words... can't... describe...
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Guess we just gotta wait and see. I still remember loving watching Reboot back on Toonami like 15 years ago
Same here bud, same here. Now if only some other Mainframe Entertainment show was green lit for a reboot or at least be put back on TV.
Any idea when we'll hear some more news on this Reboot-boot? The idea has been floating around for so many years, that I'm still not even sure I believe it. One time it was a series reboot, then they said it was a feature film, then a pseudo live-action film, and now a series again. I dunno, I just wanna see something already!

Now if only some other Mainframe Entertainment show was green lit for a reboot or at least be put back on TV.
Beast Wars was amazing. I'd be cool if they took the exact same story audio and just updated the graphics, but otherwise, that show should be left alone. They're more than welcome to retcon Beast Machines though!
Considering that this is the revival of the actual company, there's more hope now than ever.

ReBoot's fanbase seems so much kinder than other fanbases I have seen. It's incredible.