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Spotlight Second Encore Upgrade Available On Steam 4/13

US, $7.49 here.
It might have something to do with how you got the DLC. I've had it all from the IGG, and don't see the discount, anyone else? How about those of you who only have DLC from when it was free but didn't buy any?
man, wtf. I have no idea why some would get the discount and others wouldn't... whyyyyyyyyyyy
Based on asking a few others on the sale prices they got, I believe the discount doesn't to apply to IGG owners.
Discount only applies if you *purchased* DLC I think.
I got all mine for free and only got the 33% discount, but again its just $2.50 so I don't care.
Anyways, when can we expect the patch with the content? Whenever Mike gets up?
Science time! I have some spare DLC in my gift library. Does somebody who has DLC but doesn't have the discount want to add me on Steam so I can give you a Squigly and see if you get the discount?

[EDIT] I just realized this plan probably won't work- Steam probably won't give you the discount just for having the item in your gift library, as that way you could grab the old DLC, use the discount, and give the old DLC to someone else, gaming the system. And you can't activate a spare copy of the old DLC if you already have it. Steam probably checks your purchase history for DLC ownership, that could explain why some people aren't getting the discount.
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Same here. IGG Backer with 33% discount. If it can't be fixed, I'm cool with that, but I might as well hold out for the time being just in case.
I had the pre-order the game in 2013, no igg and I recieve 33% only too.
as a non-IGG backer, how did DLC distribution for you guys work? I have all the DLC but i got it for free (preorder bonus for the color pack and squigly, then i got all the other DLC in the free period), but through steam (i.e. its in my purchase history jk because I didn't use a purchase method it doesn't show in my purchase history and if I had to guess I would bet this is why its not working) and I do not have the extra discount.
as a non-IGG backer, how did DLC distribution for you guys work?
Whenever the content was released, my copy of the game would automatically get it and install it, so I can understand the system never marking a "purchase" from my end. I figure non-Backers that got it during the free period, who had to push the button, should at least have something recorded on Valve's end though.
Cmon Mike, don't crow about signing up for two games when we all know
you skipped out on the VSAV tourney
Will gift this to a friend of mine. I bought him SG Encore, might as well get him the Definitive Edition 2nd Encore update. I'll get it for myself next week(Friday) when I get paid again.

I already have 2nd Encore on my PS Vita, so I can wait at least one extra week.
just checking in, yeah, as an IGG backer, my upgrade is showing as priced as $10 rather than $7.50

but since i heard its being looked into, I'm not worrying too much.
if people don't have second encore + the DLC and i do, we can't connect????
if people don't have second encore + the DLC and i do, we can't connect????
no, you can connect up just fine. The Dlc is optional
no, you can connect up just fine. The Dlc is optional

i just tried to connect to two different people, one without the DLC, and another w/o DLC and second encore. it kicked them from my lobby.
i just tried to connect to two different people, one without the DLC, and another w/o DLC and second encore. it kicked them from my lobby.
could be just the lobbies acting up. But really the DLC shouldn't matter when playing online with other people.
10:05 PM - fenster: hey, want to play a littl ebit?
10:05 PM - SpartiesChan!: ye
10:05 PM - SpartiesChan!: i'll have to leave soon tho
10:05 PM - fenster: ok, let me get out of this qm
10:05 PM - SpartiesChan!: it's like no one's playing.
10:05 PM - fenster: thats ideal lol, I didn't want to play long
10:06 PM - SpartiesChan!: like, i see no lobbies and i can't find anyone in QM, idk
10:07 PM - fenster: yeah its weird that no one is on
10:07 PM - SpartiesChan!: oh, thank god it's not just me
10:08 PM - SpartiesChan!: woah what
10:08 PM - SpartiesChan!: version mismatch
10:08 PM - SpartiesChan!: this game just updated
10:08 PM - fenster: did you not update?
10:08 PM - SpartiesChan!: i did
10:08 PM - fenster: huh
10:08 PM - SpartiesChan!: thought i did??
10:08 PM - fenster: I thought I just did too
10:09 PM - SpartiesChan!: do you have second encore?
10:09 PM - fenster: like it gave me the notes for the patch notes just earlier
10:09 PM - SpartiesChan!: same
10:09 PM - fenster: yeah
10:09 PM - SpartiesChan!: ...that's weird
10:09 PM - fenster: did you get the dlc?
10:09 PM - SpartiesChan!: yeah
10:09 PM - fenster: I didn't
10:09 PM - fenster: hmmm
10:09 PM - SpartiesChan!: do you think disabling second would fix it?
10:10 PM - fenster: well let me see if just getting the dlc fixes it
10:10 PM - SpartiesChan!: it has to be it; my friend doesn't have the DLC, and he tried to join. it kicked him out immediately
10:11 PM - fenster: man wtf
10:11 PM - fenster: I wonder if thats reported yet
10:11 PM - SpartiesChan!: i was gonna say maybe it should be reported
10:11 PM - fenster: okay I bought the dlc and it's doing another download update
10:11 PM - fenster: man what
10:12 PM - SpartiesChan!: wtf
10:12 PM - fenster: I don't see this reported yet at a quick glance, so rip
10:12 PM - fenster: just gimme a minute and this dlc should be done for me tho
10:12 PM - SpartiesChan!: okie
10:13 PM - fenster: and downloading the update didn't even prompt another "read the patch notes?" prompt
10:13 PM - SpartiesChan!: lmao what
10:14 PM - fenster: even though I clearly downloaded thing
10:14 PM - SpartiesChan!: ?????
10:14 PM - SpartiesChan!: still a version mismatch
10:14 PM - SpartiesChan!: wtf
10:14 PM - fenster: is it still messed up
10:14 PM - SpartiesChan!: yes
10:14 PM - fenster: what
10:14 PM - SpartiesChan!: what on earth
10:14 PM - SpartiesChan!: i have the DLC wtf
10:15 PM - fenster: huh
10:16 PM - fenster: why is the dlc page not syaign I have the second encore dlc
10:16 PM - fenster: I just bought it
10:16 PM - SpartiesChan!: what
10:16 PM - SpartiesChan!: verify game integrity??
10:18 PM - fenster: hmm trying now
10:18 PM - fenster: at leats steam is now correctly seeing have the dlc in my library
10:20 PM - SpartiesChan!: nothing's popping up weird on my end
10:20 PM - fenster: ok lets try again
10:20 PM - SpartiesChan!: ...
10:20 PM - fenster: hooray
10:21 PM - SpartiesChan!: my game just broke what
10:21 PM - fenster: uh
10:21 PM - SpartiesChan!: uH
10:21 PM - fenster: try inving me instead?
10:21 PM - fenster: or just rejoin idk
10:22 PM - SpartiesChan!: now my game's just fucking up in general
10:22 PM - SpartiesChan!: tried creating a lobby, got a button glitch right off the bat
10:22 PM - SpartiesChan!: Y
10:22 PM - fenster: 7.99
10:22 PM - SpartiesChan!: version mismatch
10:22 PM - SpartiesChan!: what
10:22 PM - SpartiesChan!: the hell
10:23 PM - fenster: huh?
10:23 PM - fenster: is there a thign that straight up says what the version is
10:23 PM - SpartiesChan!: no
10:23 PM - SpartiesChan!: just
10:23 PM - SpartiesChan!: "version mismatch"
10:23 PM - SpartiesChan!: my library is displaying the DLC and everything
10:24 PM - fenster: on the GS titla screem, there's a number on the bottom right corner, is that the ver number?
10:24 PM - SpartiesChan!: yeah
10:24 PM - fenster: I have 13888
10:24 PM - SpartiesChan!: same
10:24 PM - fenster: what
10:24 PM - SpartiesChan!: ??????
10:24 PM - fenster: well what happens again if you make a lobby
10:24 PM - fenster: does it crash still
10:24 PM - SpartiesChan!: what DLC do you have in the library, does it say "second encore upgrade"
10:24 PM - fenster: yeah
10:24 PM - SpartiesChan!: it's ok for now
10:25 PM - SpartiesChan!: will it let you join??
10:25 PM - fenster: sorry checking dlc
10:25 PM - SpartiesChan!: no that's fine
10:25 PM - SpartiesChan!: w h y
10:25 PM - fenster: yeah it syas version mismatch
10:25 PM - SpartiesChan!: wtf
10:25 PM - SpartiesChan!: we have the same version, what's the mismatch
10:25 PM - fenster: and when I checl the dlc from the in-game tab, it says the dlc is not listed
10:25 PM - fenster: even though I can still access survivial mode
10:26 PM - SpartiesChan!: ^^^^
10:26 PM - fenster: and trails
10:26 PM - SpartiesChan!: i'm gonna try disabling it
10:26 PM - SpartiesChan!: ninja's bullshitting me and saying it's a lobby thing, but it's clearly now
10:26 PM - SpartiesChan!: not***
10:27 PM - fenster: aand I have the fully voiced storymode
10:27 PM - SpartiesChan!: same
10:27 PM - SpartiesChan!: Y
10:27 PM - SpartiesChan!: okay
10:27 PM - fenster: still mismatch
10:27 PM - fenster: well I'm just sayign I have the stuff because
10:27 PM - fenster: for some reaosn, when I go to the in-game menu option for dlc, second encoure isn't listed in my library
10:27 PM - SpartiesChan!: it's only listed as an item for me
10:28 PM - fenster: does it say its in your library
10:28 PM - fenster: ?
10:29 PM - SpartiesChan!: yeah
10:29 PM - SpartiesChan!: well like
10:29 PM - SpartiesChan!: it's not a game entity itself
10:29 PM - fenster: like how the other dlc says "in library"
10:29 PM - SpartiesChan!: it's in a checkbox, says it was installed today
10:29 PM - fenster: what, the ingame dlc menu potion says that?
10:29 PM - SpartiesChan!: yeah
10:29 PM - fenster: mine isn't like that at all
10:30 PM - SpartiesChan!: well i mean like
10:30 PM - SpartiesChan!: http://puu.sh/ohtN2/92ecfbb4b0.png
10:30 PM - SpartiesChan!: ???
10:31 PM - fenster: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=665097450
10:31 PM - fenster: what I get prompted with when I hit the "Download DLC" option in sg
10:31 PM - fenster: err "Download COntent"
10:32 PM - SpartiesChan!: http://puu.sh/ohtSB/c241521252.png
10:32 PM - SpartiesChan!: yours is acting like it's not downloaded wtf
10:32 PM - fenster: but the thing is
10:32 PM - fenster: thats only in the SG-menu verison of that page when its brought up
10:32 PM - fenster: when I check out the DLC tab in steam
10:33 PM - fenster: its normal and says I have the dlc
10:33 PM - SpartiesChan!: everything on my end says it's downloaded, even when i go to "Download Content"; why on earth is yours acting funny?
10:33 PM - fenster: idk, and this is after the verifying cache
10:33 PM - SpartiesChan!: i have a bad feeling this is going to mess up a lot of people's games
10:34 PM - fenster: I guess I'll just have to reinstall :/ sorry, won't get to play you then for tonight
10:34 PM - SpartiesChan!: that's fine! i'm just kinda flustered by this.
10:34 PM - SpartiesChan!: i can't even find anyone in QM or lobbies.
10:34 PM - fenster: its 100% cause of this I bet
10:34 PM - fenster: I was just in qm and had a match before we talked so

@Mike_Z ??
So uh, It keeps saying Version Mismatch whenever I try to play with someone else and idk what is wrong with it
There might be something weird going on with Steam in general. Today I suddenly had like, a bajillion games wanting to update.
Only like, three of my games wanted to update.
It's still going actually. There are about 60 items queued up in my library. No patch notes associated with any of them, and some games updating that have never needed any patches at all. At first I thought it might have been associated with getting me that 17% discount, but nope. Just a lot of weird stuff.

EDIT: Been looking into it. Apparently it's all some kind of massive Steam update dealing with .NET Framework and Redist files...vcredist/directx/Dotnet...not sure if this is messing with anyone's games online, but it's apparently happening to a ton of people right now.
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...not sure. All we do is make the build and put it up. We tested online Win/Lin and Lin/Mac. After that it's up to Steam...
Steam is being weird. A lot of people are having trouble with their items suddenly having tons of 0-byte updates or something. I don't know if it's related, but some other people and I are getting a weird 500 error on trying to access our games lists on Steam. It could explain "version mismatch" if Steam keeps thinking people need to update.
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US igg player here, I've got all the dlc and I'm only seeing 33%. If there's nothing you can do about that I'll deal with it, it's not like it's a huge difference, I've just bought the game so many times...
So it seems at least some people started getting the proper discount. Not all though.
Lab Zero is up there with CD Projekt in terms of respecting their user base.


I don't mind about upgrade, I don't mind that I'm the backer. But when the upgrade broken, I suffer.
when the upgrade broken

Could you be more specific? How is it broken? Are you talking about the discount not working?

We are not trying to screw over or disrespect anyone - especially our backers and loyal supporters - here. We pushed for the loyalty discount at the last minute when it became clear that it was an option, and we have no control over fixing the issue of who gets the discount and who doesn't. All we can do is urge Valve to fix it ASAP.
Could you be more specific? How is it broken? Are you talking about the discount not working?



The Download Content's Description has different language.

The Download Content's Description has different language.
It's not in a different language, that's how it is for everyone. It's fancy talk it's meant to be a joke.
It's not in a different language, that's how it is for everyone. It's fancy talk it's meant to be a joke.

Well looks like I didn't touch the game for a year...
I had the bug "33% if you got dlcs free" but now, I see 50%, Do "the bug" solved finally?