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Squigly Secret Level 5 for Squigly!


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Feb 27, 2015
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Squigly Squigly Squigly
Squigly had a secret level 5 added to the game, in order to perform the level 5 you need to have a charge in both Tail and Dragon stance and have performed the "Snake charmer taunt"

After you have 5 bars and have done the above enter the following in this order: LK LK --> LP HK

This will do squigly's level 5 which does 7777 damage, cannot be grab broken or blocked. Cannot be combo'd into or combo'd from, however if the LK LK are used on someone blocking (Or actually hitting someone) the level 5 will continue to have it's hitbox in effect until they are out of hitstun / blockstun and then hit them in 0 frames.

It consumes the Snake charmer charge, Tail stance and Dragon stance charges aswell.

I found a video of it, This is actually real:
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Here is a video of it:
I'm not sure you realize but you're a week late to this dude.