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#SendWinnieToComboBreaker Kumite


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Sep 2, 2013
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Elky Dori
Painwheel Cerebella
We have already succeeded in sending Brazil to Combo Breaker, so the next step is loading @winnie into the rocket ship and firing him off to Chicago.

So, in order to promote this fundraiser we're doing on his behalf, he has agreed to whore himself - body and soul - by playing the community in a streamed FT5 beta kumite!

It's going down this Wednesday, that being April 8th at 9:00pm EDT.

Feel free to sign up right here and I'll add you to the list to be DEMOLISHED by the UFGTX silver medalist.

The stream will probably be on my own channel in order to maximize my personal freedoms as host. So, tune into twitch.tv/Elky_Dori on Wednesday night!

Our challengers:

1. @LSP
2. @MysteriousJ
3. @Stuff (for now)
4. @Domo
5. iDaNtE
6. @matlokholmes (Eat the Cake Annie Mae)
7. @SpaceCadetKeon
8. @Zidiane
9. @SkullMan
10. @Elda Taluda (final boss)

Backup challengers:

And remember, if YOU want to chip in and help this young man realize his hopes of revisiting the Windy City for another shot at glory, head over to http://www.gofundme.com/SendBrazilToCB2015 and make a donation equivalent to your love of Winnie.
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but east coast connection :c

I'll join I guess but if this list is full and a heavy hitter shows up he/she can take my spot.
I'm with it, so long as it turns out I don't have tasks that day

it would be fun to play winnie
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I wanna play in this for shits and giggles. Besides, this should be fun
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I'd be happy to join! I wouldn't be home until around 10:20ish EDT though thanks to work. If it can be scheduled so I am one of the later matches, I'll be there!
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I'm with it, so long as it turns out I don't have tasks that day

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I volunteer. Send me in against whoever.
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I would like to participate as well. I don't care if I lose, I just want to support fellow players.
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It just hit me, (and not that other players have to support the idea or do it) but how about players that want to play on the kumite have to donate something to the fund in order to participate? I personally think it's a good idea. That said I have a little bit of extra spending money and can understand if others do not. Either way I'll be doing it Wednesday night!
Let's go with:

Challengers are encouraged to make a donation.

Since I already took signups without a donation rule, I feel bad about shaking them down now. I think we can make the goal anyway, so this should be fine.
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Trust me, both Mwisk and winnie could use more than the mare minimum necessary that we've raised for them, so more donations is a good thing. We've got 'em coming up, so let's see if we can't help them live at least one level above vagabond peasant while they're here ;)
Lesse if Winnie is as washed up as kenin. (^.^)
Awww, c'mon now, Mike...

You know that's impossible.
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And, I'm not gonna be able to play this event.

Everyone have fun
And, I'm not gonna be able to play this event.

Everyone have fun

Shoutouts to Wing not believing in me.

and probably everyone who watched.
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