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Skull mod background music folder thread

anyone likes jojo?

still a wip
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can someone Unpack the most recent version of the audio files and put it in the drive for me please.

My guilty gear mod is on the way.

I'm also gonna fix the other mods
I made an Etrian Odyssey pack.

Here's the track list:
Menu: Town - Sunlight on the Water
Character Select: Sea - Great Voyage
Class Notes: Battle - Initial Strike
Streets of New Meridian: Labyrinth III - The Thousand Year Old Blue Woodlands
Maplecrest: Labyrinth V - Chalky Woods
Little Insmouth: Labyrinth VI - The Vegengeful God in the Dark Ocean
Lab 8: Battlefield - Is That Blood Thine or the Enemy's
Medici Tower: Labyrynth II - Ever-Scarlet Forest
Grand Cathedral: Labyrynth V - Heavens' Rock Seat
Final Atrium: Unrest - Their Own Brand of Justice
Rooftops: Labyrinth I - The Green Green Woodlands
Rooftops Assault: Unrest - Hoist the Sword with Pride in the Heart
Nightmare Crest: Labyrinth IV - The Withered Forest
Under the Bridge: Unrest - The End of the Raging Waves
Bath of Tefnut: Labyrinth I - Waterfall Woodlands
Bath of Sekhmet: Unrest - Calling That Detestable Name
Gehenna: Labyrinth VI - The Cavern of True Red
NMO Arena: Battlefield - The First Campaign
Empty NMO Arena: Town - The King Forgotten by Time
Meridian Area Rapid Transit: Battle - Destruction Begets Decay
River King Cassino: Labyrinth IV - The Blue Sea Temple of Ritual
Glass Canopy: Labyrinth V - The Capital of Shinjuku
Poccola Effect: Unrest - Their Own Brand of Justice

It doesn't contain the story mode cutscene songs, by the way.
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