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Skullgirls Brazil Events Thread


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Jan 1, 2022
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I am making this thread to promote events in the Brazilian scene of Skullgirls, SGBR.


For those interested in visiting or accompanying the scene, here is the link for our Twitter account, Discord server, Youtube channel and Twitch channel.





We welcome everyone with open arms.
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Given the upload of our calendar of activities, I want to explain some of the events to those who are not familiar with or don't understand Portuguese.

Our main event for the scene is Brasil Special Showdown (BSS), a Double Elimination, First to 3 tournament that always occurs on the last Sunday of the month, at 7 PM (6 PM-EST) with a pot prize raised by the community with help from Matcherino.


Similar to BSS, we have BRASIL SUNDAY SHOWDOWN, also known as BSS Regular, a Double Elimination event that happens every 15 days, Sundays at 7 PM (6 PM-EST). This event does not have a prized pot.

We also have dedicated events for players who are just starting Skullgirls with dedicated feedback from our casters, BSS Beginners, an event that happens when there is a massive influx of new players entering the server, so it does not have a fixed date for when it will happen. This event follows similar rules to BSS, meaning that is a Double Elimination tournament, however, it does not have a prized pot.

Similar to BSS Beginners, we have BIS, a nonofficial Swiss-styled tournament that happens every two weeks on Saturdays, this event is organized not by the official staff from SGBR but by four players of the scene, these being MI|Tiago, MagicJLS, ShinyPine, and CaioNog. This event has the objective to help all the players with feedback and instructions from the casters. It does not have a prized pot.

Salty Brawls
Salty Brawls are exhibition matches between two players, these matches are First to 10, with no specific date to happen, as it is up to the players to decide on a day and hour. This event is restricted to players from Tier 4 and above (the Tier System will be explained in another post).

The Trinity's Trial
The Trinity's Trial is a Kumite for players who have been promoted to at least Tier 2, in which a player will face 10 different opponents, from all skill levels, in a First to 5. It does not have a specific date as to when it will happen.
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Tomorrow is the day of EVO and we of the SGBR Team will be doing a Restream of the event!

We will be streaming the top 48 at 6 PM (5 PM-EST), with the help of Kaeopogoru, one of our new members of the team, and ADK|Will, a long-time member of our staff and experienced caster.

The top 8 will be streamed at 11 PM (10 PM-EST) with casting by Mwisk, an old-school SG player from Brazil that traveled to many Skullgirls events, and Acido, the best player from the entire scene and an ex-UMVC3 professional player.

If you are interested in our opinions and reactions during the match, visit the Skullgirls Brazil Twich channel tomorrow for an epic event!
Due to certain situations, instead of having a BSS Regular today, we are having a Beginners, starring the new wave of beginners and aspiring players from Brazil, tonight at 7 PM (6 PM-EST) at the Skullgirls Brazil Twitch Channel.

Today we are having the fifth edition of BSS Regular, at 7 PM (6 PM-EST), and this is our first official tournament to allow Black Dahlia in tournament play. Come and Enjoy yourself with Us.


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This Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, at 6 PM (5 PM EST), we are having a very special edition of Salty Brawls, a hybrid of an Exhibition Match and a Double Elimination Bracket.


We are going to stream a set of FT10s in which the winner will progress through the bracket up until the Grand Finals, similar to a standard tournament run. Some of the competitors include Caio Lugon, the OG Ms. Fortune Player, and UA|Receita Federal, the winner of the Skullgirls Latam EVO of 2021, and besides them, we are proud to include members of the SUD Region with Merah, Hyggend, and Bandana.

We are expecting your presence at this awesome event that the scene has to offer.

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Continuing our Special Edition of Salty Brawls, this Tuesday and Thursday we will be witnessing 6 FTs 10 between these players

Tuesday - Merah vs Bandana (8PM/7PM-EST)
Tuesday - Hyggend vs Mwisk (8PM/7PM-EST)
Tuesday - UA | Receita Federal vs Hime (9PM/8PM-EST)

Thursday - DomiWizza vs Ikkisoad (7PM/6PM-EST)
Thursday - Vineko vs ShinyPine (8PM/7PM-EST)
Thursday - Aristal vs Caio Lugon (9PM/8PM-EST)
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Continuing our special edition of Salty Brawls, we are having another stream of FT10s, at 7 PM (6 PM EST), we are having the last stream before the Grand Finals of this special event.

Today we are streaming the following matches

UA|Receita Federal vs. Caio Lugon
vs. Aristal

And after these matches, we are going to stream the loser of Receita and Caio against the winner of Hime and Aristal.

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After all these fantastic matches, tomorrow we will be streaming our final battle of the bracket of Salty Brawls between Caio Lugon from the Winner's side and UA|Receita Federal from the Loser's side.