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Skullgirls Get Gr8 with JP and the Skull-family!


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Mar 19, 2016
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Since the forums are undergoing extremely heavy maintenance, all the our Get Gr8 posts have been archived!

Guess this would be a good time to start fresh for Skullheart! I'll start with my introduction and then go into the usual spiel :P

Hello! My name is JP. I go by the moniker of "???" both online and on this forum (on purpose); my username on steam originally was くやじ (Kuyaji), to which Skullgirls would read as "???". I thought that was kind of cool, so I made it my actual tag. It's been with me since December of 2014, when I began my Skullgirls adventures.

Having since been passed the torch for Get Gr8, I'm online as GG8 | ???. I play QMs here and there, so we may run into each other ;)

Aside from that, I've got a passion for helping and teaching players how to play, interact and learn the mechanics of Skullgirls. To that end, Get Gr8 is a safe place for players to play and learn from each other, if not just having a place to chat and hang out. I'm glad to be part of this community, and I hope to help out as much as I can!

And so...

The Skullgirls Get Gr8 NA/EU signups for the week are here, and the links are at the bottom!

Bit of a slow few days -- people are graduating, getting out of school times, doing exams. Heck, things are busy!

Without further ado!

Please, join our discord if you'd like to sign up for Get Gr8 events, as well as our weekly tournament, Skullgirls Be Gr8!

I look forward to playing some more Skullgirls and learning with the community!


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