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Skullgirls Original / Fan Character Thread


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Sep 3, 2013
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Filia Cerebella Fukua
Hmm, I thought I'd remake this from Skullheart with a clearer title (on the last topic I am not sure everyone knew what "OC/FC" meant from the abbreviation alone). This was one of my favorite threads last time, eheh.

Maybe you're one of the awesome people who got your background character into the game in the Indiegogo. Maybe you're just a fan who likes to draw or write character designs in a really cool world setting. Or maybe you're that one guy who still says Juju is really your character. Either way, it'd be really cool to see them and hear about who they are and what they are like! Pictures are welcome, but shouldn't have to be essential.

Skullgirls is a rich, cool universe with a really awesome aesthetic to create in, so why not show off what you've made? (Especially the Indiegogo characters; after seeing some of them, I would love to hear stuff about their names and backstories!)



1) Avatarbriman

Beatrice La Flame
Concept Art

2) Balder

Eliza references
Conspicuously absent...

3) Benji-Blacksky:

4) BrandX+:
Concept Art


Concept Art

5) Bucky Barkley


Mr. Eus and Alissa

7) Chaos Master42
Sir Darian Vize

8) Denizen:

Wulf Pack

9) Funkermonster

10) jam1220
Jamarrie Millery
Biography, Concept Art

11) Karlaaldana
Karla Vasquez
Biography, Concept Art

12) Kaname-madoki
Biography, Concept Art #1

Concept Art #2

13) LaCheshireZorua
"Monty" Carlo Medici

14) Light-Triforce
Biography, Concept Art


15) PKStoopKid:



Rosalie and Maria


Movelist (continued)

Concept Art #1

Concept Art (Final)


16) ReluctantZombie:


Concept Art

17) Sanoblaze

18) Saxton Hale:

Jack Frost

Stage Background

Ltn. Daren


19) Shockdingo:
Clark Barbastelle

20) SunnyRei:


Concept Art

21) Tank

22) WaterMystic277
Ms. Brooks
Concept Art

23) Yargin
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I didn't want to include this in the first post, but here is mine if anyone is curious, though I've posted her often enough that she is probably quite boring. ^^; I am actually in the middle of commissioning a reference sheet of her attacks, like the one that Alex drew for Annie/Taliesin/Umbrella/etc. I am pretty hype and hoping to post it here when it is done. :)



A flower girl from the streets of New Meridian, she was taken in by the ASG labs for her ability to control a prototype weapon, a watering can called the Green Man, which was designed to combat the Skullgirl’s zombie army with a more “natural” organic fighting force. Using Skullgirl blood as a fertilizer, the monstrous plants her weapon produces will only listen to her and are fiercely protective of their innocent caretaker - maybe even violently overprotective. What kind of trouble will they drag her into when the target they were made to destroy is afoot?

She is basically a Anti-Skullgirl Lab agent who is only employed because her monstrous plants are bloodthirsty berserkers that only she can (partly) control. She's officially a gardener at the labs, but unofficially she's an operative whose job is to control her plants while on missions. No one can replace her because the plants won't listen to anyone else and they attack anyone who tries to take the Green Man away from her, so it is easier to just draft her into service.

She gets dragged around by her plants a lot, which are really violent and nasty creatures, so even though her fighting style is "cute", it is also really supposed to be scary-looking since the stuff inside of her flower basket is more like Double than Amingo. She fights a lot like Dizzy in Guilty Gear with her wings, where most of her attacks are really the monsters in her flower basket attacking instead of her. She treats the plants like rambunctious puppies, making good-natured excuses for them, but most of them are seriously dangerous monsters bred and designed to rip Skullgirl-summoned zombies apart.

She's a very big reference to Plants vs. Zombies, obviously. :p

Playstyle Speculation:
While Gardenia is not much of a fighter herself, her plant friends are concealed in the flower basket she carries, ready to strike out or take root if anything gets too close to her. She can plant them in the soil to spring out as traps, or even call out to the planted sprouts to manually strike from the ground at unusual angles.

Gardenia is very much focused on controlling space with traps and summoned attackers. Her plants take lots of shapes and forms, ranging from vine whips to chomper flowers and she could even immobilize movement using Venus Flytrap traps. Once she has seeded the field, finding a safe space to stand is a lot harder for any enemy trapped in her garden.

Gameplay Inspirations:
Dizzy (Guilty Gear), Rachel Alucard (Blazblue), Naoto Shirogane (Persona 4 Arena), Audrey II (Little Shop of Horrors), Plants vs. Zombies, Pirahna Plants (Mario), Poison Ivy (Batman), Flower Arcana (Arcana Heart 3), Amingo (Marvel vs. Capcom 2)


By justzazie from DeviantArt (currently taking commissions!)


By ReluctantZombie from DeviantArt (currently taking commissions!)


By MaeofClubs from tumblr


By MagicBunny from Skullheart/Tumblr
(Amateurly colored by myself)
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I've got a background character in the game, but I've been told it's best to keep him under wraps until the characters show up in the game. Since as of this writing, they're not there.... :| Yeah.

I'm not even sure if he'll be in the Casino or Ballroom.

Aww, I see. I guess that makes sense to wait until they're officially revealed by the Skullgirls team. I hope you can post about them when they're in though. :) Really interested in all the NPCs!
Aww, I see. I guess that makes sense to wait until they're officially revealed by the Skullgirls team. I hope you can post about them when they're in though. :) Really interested in all the NPCs!
I'm pretty sure I/we can after Lab Zero reveals them. I just wanted to make sure that I didn't cause another Juju incident, even if the circumstances are a bit different. A contract's still a contract..

I want to see all of the NPCs and learn about them. Some of them that they've shown off so far look great! Maybe there should be an in-game database with their names and brief information or something, when they all get added.

I just read over your character and I really like the idea.
Glad this thread is back, I was just thinking about it and working on my OC last night. :D

I hope you get a chance to post them soon, it'd be awesome to see it. :) Really curious what kinds of concepts people came up with and I already have a list of OCs I have seen that I really loved (like MagicBunny's neat spin on the Frog Princess).

Meanwhile I am gushing and happy because the attack reference sheet is coming together really awesomely. :) I wanted to start with some of her normal attacks and a special move.



Very big thanks to our own southpawper who is being really nice about this commission. :) I hope it is okay to share the WIP, just super excited! I am thinking of #17 as her new idle stance. :)
I got one although they might be just a little bit strange for some tastes

Bio: Jack greene was an ordinary ice cream truck driver on the streets of New Meridian. Selling ice cream to various citizens to support his family. Unfortunately even with all of his efforts to support his family he could barely raise enough money to feed his daughter and wife. Which resulted in him asking a favor from the Medici Mafia for a little extra money to help his family get off the ground. And switch from a tiny apartment to a decent house however he had to pay back the "Favor" by the end of the month. When he failed to do so his wife and daughter were kidnapped from their home and he was frozen alive in the very same freezer he took ice cream out of. Years after that incident when the new skullgirl came to be he was resurrected from his frozen slumber. After he awoken he immediately began to search for his family and to seek revenge to the very people who took his family away from him.

Playstyle Speculation: Being an ice cream man for years jack knows all that there needs to be known about ice. He can either use the power of ice from his finger tips to freeze his enemies ending their special moves.

Gameplay Inspirations: Jin Kisaragi (Blazblue), Sub Zero (Mortal Kombat), Bad Mr Frosty (Clay Fighter), Mr. Freeze (Batman Series)


(Jack Frost Concept Art)
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Cool. :) Well, pardon the pun, lol.

He makes me think of that one snowman fighter in Clayfighters or the Darkstalkers sasquatch, lol. He could probably take moves or references from them. :P Good effort to tie it into lore too.
Ahah no problem I wanted to actually give him ice puns like Mr. Freeze from batman and robin XD And just asking what do you mean by lore? :o
Oh, I meant like, the Medici mob and revived by Skullgirl stuff. You gave him a good connection to the setting. :)
Ah ok XD I just wish I originally had a petition to get him in game but that went into a different direction XD
Ah ok XD I just wish I originally had a petition to get him in game but that went into a different direction XD

They're still fun to design. :) I like yours and hoping some more people post theirs too, yay.

Mmm, I am trying to think of a movelist for mine... I am stuck on a good bunch of normals though. :( Would be curious to hear what people think though. Southpawper is doing a really awesome reference sheet of her attacks on commission! So far there is her HP, her crouch HK, and Branching Out from the below moves. :) But I'd like to add more in the future.

Sorta curious if people have any suggestions either for more / better moves or which ones would be cool to have on the reference sheet. ^^; But either way I wanted to share.

A weak-looking "poke" with the spout of the Green Man watering can.

Forward + LP:
Gardenia leans forward, pouring some water on the ground with the Green Man right in front of her. Upper body invincibility, hits low. One "pulse" at start-up, but can be held to continue pouring for further pulses. Weak damage, but slightly reduces the enemy's Dramatic Tension gauge per pulse. Based on Hisui's watering can in Melty Blood.


Launcher. Some of the plants from Gardenia's basket offer her a bouquet from behind that causes her to turn around, so she misses a toothy plant that snaps out at the opponent and knocks them into the air.

Gardenia does an ineffectual looking "kick" like a football kick to the shin.



Crouch LP:
Similar to her standing LP, a weak-looking poke with the Green Man's spout.

Crouch MP:

Crouch HP:
Large vines snake out from Gardenia's basket into the ground, snaking up and down in and out of the ground in a wave. Long range and multi-hit, but pushes opponent away rather than combo. Similar to Amingo's crouching attack from MvC2.

Crouch LK:
Another ineffective kick with one boot. All of her light punches and kicks are weak ones she does herself, while all medium or hard attacks use the plants.

Crouch MK:
A sickly-looking Malboro-like rafflesia plant emerges from the basket and releases a cloud of bad breath. Hits repeatedly until cancelled like Filia's crouching MK.

Crouch HK:
Sweep/knockdown. A vine from her basket wraps around Gardenia's ankle and gives a sharp tug, causing her to trip, and a bunch of hungry plants spill out onto the opponent as she falls.

Jump LP:
A weak-looking "chop" with the Green Man's spout.

Jump MP:
A Bulbasaur-bulb shrublike creature peeks out from the basket and delivers a "vine whip" that lashes out once, then twice. Can be airdash or cancelled out of during the first hit.

Jump HP:
An angry snapping maw emerges from the basket, snapping its jaws shut for a heavy hit that knocks the opponent downwards.

Jump LK:
Gardenia does a light kick with one leg, holding down her skirt with one hand.

Jump MK:

Jump HK:


A heavily-mutated humanoid cactus pops out of her basket and gives a boxing body-blow to the opponent. May or may not look an awful lot like a scarier Togemon from Digimon.

Special Moves:
236 + P Water Gun (also in air)
Projectile. Gardenia uses the Green Man to shoot a ball of water When it lands, the projectile leaves behind a small "sprout" that stays where it is put until consumed. The trajectory of the shot varies depending on the strength used. This one is based on Rachel's Tiny Lobelia from Blazblue. Can also be used in the air.

-> 623 + P Snap Goes the Dragon
Can only be used while a sprout is in play. If multiple sprouts are out, the strength of the punch used determines which sprout gets triggered (weak being closest to Gardenia, strong being furthest). Gardenia points up, trying to warn the opponent, but a snapdragon monster ‘snaps’ out at the same time, biting up-forward in an anti-air attack.

-> 214 + P Feeding Time
Can only be used while a sprout is in play. If multiple sprouts are out, the strength of the punch used determines which sprout gets triggered (weak being closest to Gardenia, strong being furthest). Gardenia whistles with her ungloved fingers held to her mouth, and from the sprout, a very large, very mean- looking plant comes out… and bounces towards her like a big excited puppy with one vine wagging behind it like a tail. This attack hits overhead, but only hits on the first bounce.

-> 22 + P Hungry Hungry Flytrap
Can only be used while a sprout is in play. If multiple sprouts are out, the strength of the punch used determines which sprout gets triggered (weak being closest to Gardenia, strong being furthest). Gardenia points down in concern as the chosen sprout turns into a venus fly trap that will immediately try to grab the feet of the nearby opponent. Functionslike Ms. Fortune’s “OMNOMNOM” because it holds the enemy in hitstun while it chews on their feet. Doesn’t do alot of damage, but lets Gardenia go into a combo safely or plant more traps.

236 + K Branching Out
Gap closer. A huge chomper plant pounces out of the flower basket with vines and roots tangling Gardenia and pulling her behind it. Works a lot like a Hornet Bomber.

236 + PP Gardenia and the Beanstalk
1 Meter
Gardenia drops her flower basket, which erupts with a large beanstalk that spins like a Ringlet Spire drill. Each sprout on the field grows into a similar, smaller drill. The drills spin for a few seconds then wither/fall over. If you plant your sprouts carefully, they can overlap for some great chip damage when this goes off even if blocked. Consumes all sprouts currently in play.

214 + PP Garden Party of 100 Plants (in air only)
1 Meter
Gardenia's basket rattles ominously and she holds onto it for dear life as a flood of hungry, man-eating plants emerge at a diagonal-downwards angle. The force of their departure sends her backwards and is useful to allow her to escape bad situations and get back some distance. Safe even if blocked, but less damage to compensate.

236 + LP+LK Little Basket of Horrors
3 meter
Command throw. A little seed jumps out of Gardenia's flower basket, and right afterwards, an immense Audrey II style plant erupts from the ground underneath the opponent, slurping them up. It chews on them a bit, then spits them out. This is based on that one Double cut Blockbuster where she turned into a Sarlacc-style mouth that ate the enemy from below. Incredibly tempted to call it Audrey the Fourteenth after Rachel's George XIII.

Very open to comments or criticisms - does that seem like not enough special moves? ^^;
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Sunny....if you make that character too good i'll be upset shes not actually in game....>3<
Alright, I was waiting for this to come back!
Anyway, like I said. I dig OCs, got a lot. And I really love fan characters or alternate universe versions of your OC if they were in a different setting (like Skullgirls), they're more of a challenge since you have to adhere to rules of a setting, but once you make them fit, it's a great feeling.
And all the ones so far in here are pretty damn great.
Kinda reminds me I should get to making Skullgirls versions of my characters already.
What the hell, I'll jump in with mine. I haven't actually been using her as a Skullgirls FC for a while now, but I'll post her backstory from when she was:

A demon-girl mercenary notorious for her "no job is too dirty" business philosophy, Mourningstar has been hired by a researcher at Lab Zero to find and recapture Painwheel. Since she wouldn't have a chance in a straight fight, her client has granted her access to a piece of ASG weaponry to help her stand on Painwheel's level.

This weapon is "Rodriguez," a device that resembles an oversized swiss-army knife and contains a wide variety of heavy weapons like machine guns and giant blades. It's easily provoked to violence and extremely difficult to control, which is part of the reason they're letting a mercenary handle it - if Rodriguez winds up killing her, she's expendable.

She tries to act innocent and friendly, but it's a front meant to catch her enemies off-guard. In actuality, Mourningstar is selfish and extremely arrogant. Being armed with an ASG weapon has made her completely incapable of perceiving other people as a threat, but she's nowhere near as powerful as she'd like to think she is. She loves alcohol and hates children.

Playstyle speculation:
Rodriguez does basically everything for Mourningstar. All of her attacks utilize his weaponry, and she doesn't even walk forward on her own - she just hitches a ride on him. All the weapons she's carrying make Mourningstar a deadly opponent from a variety of ranges, but it can take a lot of time to figure out what she's capable of.

Mourningstar is very much a "difficult but awesome" character. She moves slowly and can seem awkward to use at first, but with practice she can safely strike from pretty much anywhere. Use her moves properly, and your opponent won't have anywhere to run.

Gameplay inspiration:Hazama (BlazBlue), Bridget (Guilty Gear), B.B. Hood (Darkstalkers), Beyond the Grave (Gungrave), The Warden (Dead Leaves), Bad Girl (No More Heroes)

EDIT: put in a spoiler tag so it looks better
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he image may or may not show up, but my OC character is Rosemary a duo consisting of Rosalie and Maria O Nette. Rosalie was once an understudy of Doubles until one day while searching the catacombs came across the wandering spirit of Maria who told her the Trinity was up to something sinister and Double was apart of it. Putting faith in Maria, Rosalie sets out to find the Skullheart and destroy it all while avoiding Double...however there is something Maria doesn't know about herself that could sabotage the whole mission.

If the image doesn't show up you could check it out here-->http://mar-y-tales.deviantart.com/art/Skullgirl-OC-Rosemary-Action-Shot-358916343

Will go in depth more later if I have time.
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That's a cool one. :) It's interesting to imagine former nuns at the church since presumably Double can't be the only one in the entire church, lol. What kind of powers/attacks would they have though?

Also yay at Mourningstar! I like her alot and the gameplay inspirations are pretty great. I don't actually know the last two though - but the rest are pretty varied.
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That's a cool one. :) It's interesting to imagine former nuns at the church since presumably Double can't be the only one in the entire church, lol. What kind of powers/attacks would they have though?

Rosalie's would play similar to Ling Xiaoyu of Tekken and Hokuto of Street Fighter, Maria on the other hand would be more like a Servebot type of character in that she is apart of Rosalie's moves, instead of command grabs, Rosalie would have counter moves using the command grab input such as using an opponents momentum against them ( Example: If Filia uses a S.HP, countering it would deal more damage as oppose to countering S.LP.). As for supers, Rosalie would have a Lv. 1, Lv 2, Lv 3, and Lv 5 Blockbuster.
Her level one would be something involving Rosary Beads(haven't thought of one yet), Lv2 would be a counter similar to Valentine instead her's would cause the opponent to stagger creating an opening to start a combo, Lv 3 would cause Maria to encase her self around Rosalie like Susanoo of Naruto and give super armor for a fix amount of time like Colossus in MvC2. Lv5 is called Melodica Magica and works just like Lilith's Gloomy Puppet Show. Rosemary would have a special defeat animation as well, when Rosalie goes down Maria tries to fan her just like in the Scott Pilgrim game with the press "which ever console here button" of course it wouldn't do anything, just something adorable to have in the background. Rosalie's movement would be slow and she would have a double jump. She would be more of a rush down character that would work better solo as oppose to in a duo or trio. For better understanding of her movement and fighting style look up Baguazhang as well as the characters mentioned above. If you would like to learn more about her just let me know
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More RoseMary Info

Gameplay Inspiration
Rosalie: Hinata(Naruto Ninja Storm 3), Hokuto(Street Fighter), Noodle(Gorillaz), Lilith(Darkstalkers), Air Benders (The Avatar), Yang/Yun(Street Fighter),Ling Xiaoyu(Tekken)

Maria:Servebot(Marvel Vs Capcom 2), Susanoo(Naruto series),King Boom Boo(Sonic Adventure 2), Ghost/Dark-Type(Pokemon),Amingo(Marvel Vs Capcom 2),Shin-Goku Satsui(Akuma), Marceline(Adventure Time), Gir/Bloody Gir(Invader Zim), StayPuft MarshMellow(Ghost Busters) Shuma Goroth (MvC2),

Character Banter

Pre Fight
Normal: Rosalie: (May the trinity guide us) Maria: (Say hello to Betsy and the 5 avengers)
Vs Filia: Rosalie:(How Rude) Maria: (That thing is hard on the eyes)

Vs Cerebella: Rosalie:(You look troubled) Maria

Vs Peacock: Rosalie: (Come my child let me guide you) Maria: (Put her on mute Rosy!)
Vs Parasoul: Rosalie: (Even your mother wasn't above the church) Maria: (Nancy? you look younger)
Vs Painwheel: Rosalie: (Poor Soul) Maria: (A lost soul? what are you?)
Vs Valentine: Rosalie: (I've seen you around before) Maria: (My insurance didn't cover death)
Vs Ms Fortune: Rosalie: (How adorable) Maria: (NO MORE PUNS!!)
Vs Squigly: Rosalie: ( Allow me to guide you to the after life) Maria: (No fair, I wanna be a zombie)
Vs Double: Rosalie: (Seems you couldn't be avoided) Maria: (Be cautious, she's heartless)

Vs Marie: Rosalie: (My child all will be well) Maria: (I was afraid of this)
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Sup guys I got another oc for y'all this time this oc is meant to replace Juju aka Number 13 let me introduce to you too Ltn. Daren! (Caution the following picture may contain an inaccurate color scheme of the black egret's uniform this is due to me being a dumbass and coloring in without thinking about it.)

Ltn. Daren

Bio: A veteran of the Grand War Daren joined the Black Egrets after the former sniper Juju had left the Black Egrets to pursuit other things.

Those are interestingly varied gameplay inspirations, lol. Lilith, Xiaoyu, and Hinata make for an interesting combo though. :)

I didn't realize it on the Jack Frost one, but do you draw your own OCs? :o That's cool! Did he lose his leg in the war I guess?
So I made a moveset for Mourningstar a while back. No normals, but I might eventually decide to do them too.

Mourningstar specials and supers!
An [A] after the move’s name indicates it can also be performed in the air.

One Foot in the Grave (623+P)

Mourningstar takes a few steps forward at a run. (She can't dash normally, so this move and Deathgrip tether antics are how she moves quickly around the screen.) She runs pretty low to the ground, so some attacks will go over her. Getting hit by any low attack, however, will make her trip and fall down. The following three attacks are accessible while she's running:

Bad Omen (During One Foot in the Grave, press LP or LK)

Mourningstar backflips away from her opponent, producing a scythe blade from Rodriguez and slashing with it. Anti-air move. Mourningstar has a few frames of invincibility during the windup. The backflip also puts a bit of distance between her and the opponent, making this move fairly safe on block.

Black Rose (During One Foot in the Grave, press MP or MK)

Mourningstar pulls out that same scythe blade and whirls it around her like a buzzsaw, damaging anyone close. Hits around seven times.

Bloody Rampage (During One Foot in the Grave, press HP or HK)

Rodriguez pulls out a huge axe. Mourningstar swipes downwards with it, and then slashes it across the ground. First hit is overhead, the second is low, rather like Hakumen’s Zantetsu. Does a nice whack of damage, but it's really goddamn unsafe. Don't use it unless you're comboing with it or you will get hurt.

Deathgrip [A] (421+P)

Rodriguez fires out a giant scythe blade that anchors itself into the ground, connected to himself and Mourningstar by a spring-loaded arm that works as a tether. Hits overhead, but has kind of a weird hitbox – only the blade actually damages, so it will whiff if your opponent is standing too close. (Think Testament’s s.6H.) While the blade is anchored, the following moves are accessible to Mourningstar.

The grounded version of this move fires the scythe slightly upwards and then sharply arcs down, while the aerial version shoots down at an angle. If the aerial version of the scythe doesn’t touch the ground, Mourningstar is stuck in her whiff animation until she lands. Mourningstar cannot tag out while anchored, and if she gets hit with a snapback it will just knock her to the other side of the screen. The grounded version causes stagger, but only once per combo.

The Punch used determines the range of the attack. (Light Punch is closest, and so on.)

Reaper Stride [A] (During Deathgrip, 214+LP)

This move causes Mourningstar to cancel whatever she’s doing and quickly pull herself right up next to the scythe blade. Good for getting her across the screen in a hurry, or continuing a combo. You can cancel into this from pretty much anything, but it has a few seconds of cooldown before you can use it again.

Mourningstar can pass through her opponents during Reaper Stride, but is not invincible.

Reaper Cross (During Deathgrip, 214+LK)

Mourningstar performs a flying kick while simultaneously recalling the scythe, which hits the opponent as it returns to her. Once the scythe is recalled, she’ll flip directions and fire it again. The scythe blade is placed where it struck the opponent, and the recoil of the attack launches Mourningstar across the screen.

Hits three times – the kick hits first, and then the scythe hits when it is returned and fired. The third hit causes stagger, but only once per combo.

This move only works if the first attack hits. If her kick whiffs or gets blocked, Mourningstar won’t recall the scythe. Very unsafe on block.

Reaper Summon [A] (During Deathgrip, 214+MP or MK)

This move returns the scythe to you and ends the Deathgrip state. The scythe can hit an opponent while it’s moving, and can move in two directions during its recall – MP causes it to fly straight back to Mourningstar, while MK makes it arc upwards Axl Low-style before returning. MK version works as an anti-air move and can also launch a grounded opponent.

Reaperserker [A] (During Deathgrip, 214+HP or HK)

Whirls the scythe around like a buzzsaw. The HP version causes the scythe to spin in place before returning to Mourningstar, while the HK version recalls it while it’s spinning (like Bridget’s Roger buzzsaw attack). Either way, the scythe returns to Mourningstar and the Deathgrip state ends. Hits about three times.

Recluse Queen (623+K)

Rodriguez detaches a spike on a mechanical arm and stabs upwards at a 45-degree angle. If the stab hits the opponent, two other spikes will pop out and stab them repeatedly before hurling them across the screen. This move is basically just Hazama’s Hungry Coils. Hits five times counting the initial attack.

Flesh Eater [A] (236+K)

Mourningstar pulls out a flamethrower and fires a mid-length flame across the screen. The LK version hits once and wallbounces, the MK version hits twice and can be comboed, and the HK version hits thrice but cannot be comboed from. The aerial version of this attack shoots down at a 45-degree angle, and slows Mourningstar’s descent while she’s firing it. All three versions of it hit twice. No version of this attack is particularly safe on block.

Morbid Arc [A ONLY] (236+P)

Rodriguez pops out an enormous hammer and swings it downward so violently that it flips Mourningstar around in the air. It hits overhead and is a good move to jump in with or complete an air combo. Aerial opponents will be knocked to the ground.


Genocide Mode [Level 1] (214+any two punches)

A huge spike pops out of Rodriguez. If it hits, Rodriguez will leap off of Mourningstar’s back, transform into a vaguely humanoid form, and pin his opponent down to beat the crap out of them. This move ends with Rodriguez kicking the opponent across the screen and returning to Mourningstar. Even though it doesn’t look like it, this is a grab and can only be comboed into a move that causes stagger.

Gloom Dagger [Level 1] (421+any two kicks)

Counter stance. Mourningstar feigns crying and turns away from her opponent, face in her hands. If she’s hit, Rodriguez will intercept it and stab the opponent with an enormous knife while Mourningstar mocks them roundly for their foolishness. Causes crumple.

Dark Bombshell [Level 3] (236+any two punches)

Mourningstar pulls a whole armory’s worth of weapons out of Rodriguez and unloads a full-screen barrage of projectiles. (Compare Mega Optic Blast or Cool Hunting.) The hardest-hitting projectiles are concentrated on the lower half of the screen, so it will do more damage versus a grounded opponent. Unlike Peacock’s Argus Agony, this move doesn’t push the opponent very far, so it’s not good for keeping your distance. The opponent can be hit by the weapons as they pop out.
Those are interestingly varied gameplay inspirations, lol. Lilith, Xiaoyu, and Hinata make for an interesting combo though. :)

I didn't realize it on the Jack Frost one, but do you draw your own OCs? :o That's cool! Did he lose his leg in the war I guess?

Yes I do! and yes he did replaced it with a grenade launcher he did XD
Well I've finally decided to post my OC Wiglaf.
I've thought about him for a long time and I believe that he is now ready to go public.
To keep this post neat and condensed I've put all of the information in spoilers and separate sections, Enjoy.
WARNING, This is going to be a long story so get comfortable.

The story begins twenty-one years prior to the current events of SkullGirls. This is seven years prior to Selene Contiello's rise as the Skullgirl and four years prior to the start of the Grand War; Assuming that the war lasted around a decade. The location is an Unnamed Country in what will one day become No Man's Land. It is a time of peace where war was not even on the horizon. It was during this time that love blossomed between a dashing young soldier named Stan and beautiful young nobel woman named Lucy. These two lovers are Wolf Ferals with remarkably human appearances, however Stan's hair was pitch black while Lucy's was pure white. In those times Wolf Feral families were incredibly strict about maintaining the strength and purity of their bloodlines, so both Stan and Lucy's families forbade their relationship. The two lovers were forced to abandon their homes and families to run away to the countryside, were they married in a tiny town, and lived in a tiny cabin, and they were happier than they ever were in the rich estates of their families. The two went as far as to abandon their surnames in favor of a new one, Wægmund.

Three years later in that little cabin a baby boy was born, and his name was Wiglaf. As if he were the personification of Stan and Lucy's rebellion, Wiglaf's hair was a dark gray and his eyes an intense yellow. Nothing could be better for the newly formed family, but all was not well in the world, for war loomed on the horizon. Stan, Lucy, and Wiglaf would be together for only a year before the Grand War began. Stan as a reserve soldier was forced to defend his country as it inevitably became the battleground for the Grand War. Stan also fought for the Canopy Kingdom as it was allied with his country. Baby Wiglaf would not see his father for seven years as he and Lucy could only wait for him in the countryside. Luckily they were close to the Canopy Kingdom and situated far from the front lines. In those seven years Wiglaf lived a normal country lifestyle. He went to school, he attended church, and he played with friends. He did all this in the absence of his father whose only contact was through the post office. Instead of a father to look up to, Wiglaf had a growing legend who while far away still served his purpose as a role model for the young boy. Lucy worked as a nurse and tended to the wounded and dead that passed through their town back to the Canopy Kingdom. She prayed that she would never find her husband in one of those bags. Stan and his fire team gained fame on the front lines against the Gigan Nation as record breaking Gigan killers. Sgt. Stan and his team of Grenadiers became known as Giant Slayer's. Ironically both Stan and Lucy's professions matched the skills of their respective families.

In the seventh year of the war (three years before it's end) Stan was still alive and well and was honorably dismissed as a war hero. The Wægmund's were finally reunited and the war felt far away. Wiglaf accepted the man whom he could barely remember very quickly and Stan set about making up for lost time with his family. He didn't even take a job for this very purpose. Stan and Lucy's families put aside some of their differences and agreed to help each other financially as well as their rebellious offspring. The Wægmund household became a giant estate and their small town became the center of the Canopy Kingdom's and the Unnamed Country's joint operations. The Wægmund's separated themselves from the world to enjoy their newly reunited family.

Three years passed and the war was still raging but the Wægmund's paid no mind, peace and family was the most important thing in their lives now. Wiglaf had built a strong relationship with his father Stan. It's clear that the 11 year old was starved of a father figure. Their days were filled with recreation and bonding. A common activity for the family was a weekly shopping spree in the market district of their growing town. After seeing the horrors of war Stan knew that any day could be his last, so he spent every moment of his time for his family. The last three years were the happiest of their lives.

It was then that disaster struck.

Queen Nancy Renoir of the Canopy Kingdom had used the Skull Heart to wish for an end to the war and subsequently became a Skullgirl. The nature of her wish made her strong enough to threaten all three of the big countries participating in the war, and Stan's Country was in the center of all of it. All over the country the dead began to rise and it was only a matter of time before the front lines approached the front door of the Wægmund estate. Stan was forced to take up arms again, this time to protect not his country, but his family. He was prepared though, for his home was also an arsenal. Inside the estate Lucy and Wiglaf clung to each other in fear of the chaos outside. They could hear Stan waging a fiery war in their own front yard to keep the hordes of undead from reaching their front steps. It was a wonder how the Government could dismiss such a powerful soldier. However there is only so much one man can do against a dozen massive undead Gigans. The front door opened and it was Stan, gravely wounded and limping. He slumped down at his favorite arm chair while Lucy and Wiglaf rushed to his side to find out what was happening. The undead were still approaching the estate but Stan bought enough time for them to escape. Unfortunately Stan was bleeding to death. Lucy realizing this gave him one last kiss before being forced to take Wiglaf away from his dying father to escape on horseback while Stan stayed behind. Before they fled Stan told them that he loved them and to remember him and everything he fought for. To Wiglaf specifically he said "When the time comes to take up arms again, return to our home here, keep you and your mother safe until then. Goodbye son..."

As Lucy and Wiglaf galloped away on horseback an explosion could be heard in the distance...

The war ended with the death of Queen Renoir and the formation of a treaty between the 3 nations. The remainder of the Wægmund family found peace and normalcy in the suburbs of Maplecrest, away from the anarchy of what is now No Man's Land. The family of two was supported by their wealthy heritages that survived the war. Wiglaf became a troubled child with anger issues, Lucy became quiet and distant. In a subconscious effort to replace his lost father figure Wiglaf became a fan of the legendary wrestler Beowulf. He tried to emulate the man as much as he could. He even joined the Maplecrest wrestling team and through channelling his anger he became a city wide champ as a freshman, and a regional champ as a senior. However, to Wiglaf none of it was enough to honor the memory of his father. After graduating at 18 years old Wiglaf lost his direction in life and made no plans to enroll in college. He decided it was time to return home with his mother to visit the remains of their old estate.

Years ago while the two escaped, Stan detonated an experimental explosive a certain distance away from the estate. The entire front side of the mansion was blown inwards from the resulting shockwave and all of the undead caught within the blast were blown to smithereens. Stan's body was recovered miraculously unharmed a long time ago, but the immovable bones of the undead Gigans remained at the estate. One of them managed to get an arm and head inside the mansion before the bomb killed it, and it's skeleton remained intact. This created an incredibly grim scene for the Wægmund's as they approached their old home. The limousine they arrived in was a stark contrast to what could only be described as an elephant graveyard. Only Wiglaf could hold back the sorrow to enter the ruined structure, which he had to literally walk through a Gigan's ribcage to do. Nothing remained on the first and second floors besides the Gigan skull to the left and a Gigan arm running along the right wall, it's elbow bent at the rear corner of the house. Besides that, everything was reduced to rubble. But the scorched away carpet revealed a trap door to the basement where Stan kept his arsenal and military mementos, a place Wiglaf never got to visit. Inside was a setting akin to a ruined museum. It was dark, glass and splintered wood covered the floor due to the shockwave. Years of dust accumulated on things such as old rifles, cannons, grenades, medals, books, and flags. Superficial damage aside, the underground vault remained untouched. The air was cool an dry, perfect for preserving old things.

At the end of the room hung Stan's grey military fatigues from a display case, a sight that finally drove Wiglaf to tears. At the foot of the case was a oddly shaped sword plunged through the red carpet into the stone flooring. On the strap at the end of it's pommel dangled an envelope, yellowed with age. Wiglaf opened the envelope and inside was a note and it read;

"Wiglaf, if you're reading this it means that you've remembered my words and returned to the estate. Since you've decided to return here you're most likely at a crossroads in life and you must make a decision. If I know my son, you seek to honor my memory as a warrior. The Sword before you is called Nægling, this old gray blade was passed down through my family for over a thousand years. Take it, continue our lineage, remember what I taught you, and forge your own legend.
Make me proud son.
P.S. There is another note in the coat pocket of my old uniform, that's for your Mother.
Never forget that I love you both."
~Stan Wægmund

Wiglaf emerged from the ruins with an arm full of clothes and Nægling strapped to his back. He found that his mother had worked up the courage to enter the first floor. He handed the note to her and said that they should send people to pick up the rest of what survived the explosion. The ride back to Maplecrest was emotional, but also enlightening now that Wiglaf finally had a path again. It's been seven years since the last Skullgirl incident and the time would soon come for the next. He will take up his father's sword and pursue Beowulf, the only other hero he knew besides his father. Beowulf will surely come out of retirement to fight the Skullgirl, and Wiglaf will be there to help him when he does. But first he needs a team, so he travels to the center of New Meridian City to talk to a few old friends...
Having grown up in wartime Wiglaf respects and adopts the attitude of a soldier. He is stoic, disciplined, and values honor and integrity. However, Wiglaf lived most of his life without a father figure, and the death of his father added another aspect to his character. Wiglaf tries hard to maintain his calm but he is prone to fits of anger and violence.

Sensitivity is not one of his strong points and while that may help him in most fights, it causes him to come off as very intimidating to strangers. That does not mean that he is a bad person, he just has trouble making friends. All of these traits make him a very effective leader, but not much fun to hang around.

Simply put, Wiglaf is calm and cool at most times, but very dangerous when provoked, overall he maintains the intimidating demeanor of a leader. Much like a Wolf.
Likes: Swords, Professional Wrestling, Dogs, Snow, Leadership, Full Moons, Fur Lined Clothing, Rare Steak, French Fries, Singing
Dislikes: Betrayal, Undead, Psychiatrists, Sundays, Funerals, Trains, Mailmen, Cheese, Milk, Needles
Since I have no artistic talent you will have to settle for a detailed description.
Age: 18
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 140 lbs
Complexion: White (Northern European)
Hair: Dark Gray, clean and flat on top, but ends in downward pointing spikes. KHI Riku.
Eyes: Golden Yellow, narrow with a very intense stare.
Features: A handsome young man with a slightly feminine look about him. Imagine a teenaged Cloud Strife.
Physique: Well proportioned, muscle definition isn't that strong but very wirey. Wolf-like ears, a wolf tail, sharp canine teeth, and sharp nails. Overall he has very sharp wolf-like features.
Wiglaf's outfit draws from a several aspects of his story. I'll put it in order to give a better visual understanding.

-Stan's dog tags.
-The Mark is located at the base of his neck, just over his vertebra prominens.
-To imitate Beowulf he wears the top half of a white wolf's head. The pelt hangs over both of his shoulders while the head hangs off the back of his neck looking downwards, it looks sort of like Ned Stark's Pelt but more symmetrical. It's also a ceremonial object from Lucy's family.
-Nægling is strapped to his back by his leather suspenders in the right-handed position.
-Black leather elbow pads. These are thin and form fitting.
-A tight black tank top.
-WWI Era grey military pants with crossing black leather suspenders. Six Model 24 Grenades hang from his belt.
-Strapped to his left thigh is a black leather holster holding a Mauser C96.
-Black leather knee pads. These are thick and provide protection.
-Black combat boots.

The white wolf's head and Nægling are based directly off of the wolf hat and sword from Beowulf's early concept art.
Young Beowulf, Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII), Saïx (Kingdom Hearts II), Terra (KH: BBS), Dust (Dust: An Elysian Tail), Mitsurugi (Soul Calibur), Siegfried (Soul Calibur), Greatswords & Longswords (Monster Hunter), Ike (SSBB), Kanji (Persona 4 Arena)
Wiglaf takes a solid wide stance and grips his sword with both hands down by his waist, elbows locked out. A classic Samurai stance.

Wiglaf's fighting style is centered around the use of his sword Nægling. Unfortunately the crafting techniques that created the sword were lost to the ages when metal was discovered. Nægling is carved from super dense treated Gigan bone which makes it incredibly strong, but also very heavy. However, his feral strength allows him to swing it with ease. Being made of bone it is not as sharp as metal swords, but it's 100x as strong and what it can't cut, it crushes.

Wiglaf normally rushes down the opponent with powerful arcing swings of his sword. Because of his strength and the weight of the sword a lot of his normals have effects to them. These effects include knock back, wall bounce, sliding, launching, ground bounce, etc. He also has a lot of Command Normals, even more than Parasoul. This makes his moves ideal for assists. He draws from his wrestling experience and has a couple command grabs. He also draws from his fathers skills by lobbing grenades from his belt. These are strong, but limited.

Wiglaf also uses his handgun for long distance fighting, but this is rather sub par compared to his swordplay.
First off I'll describe Wiglaf's mobility. His backward and forward walk speed is the same as Ms. Fortune's. His quick step is relatively fast and he also has a forward run. Wiglaf has no air dash and no double jump, but he makes up for it with a good forward jump.

I feel obligated to give Wiglaf a unique gameplay ability so here's my best shot. Being a Wolf Feral, Wiglaf must also have some wolf-like behaviors. One thing that wolves are known to do is howl so Wiglaf would have two different howls with special effects. This special howling ability is a trait passed down from his mother.

The move would be a vertical charge command and there would be two of them, one for punches and one for kicks. The punch howl would have an offensive special effect, such as staggering the opponent or delaying enemy assists. The kick howl would have a defensive special effect, such as increasing jump height or adding hits of armor.
Command Normals

Wiglaf thrusts his sword at ground into the opponent's legs. A standing attack that hits low.
Pommel Strike
Wiglaf does a short range strike with his sword's pommel that causes crumple.
:F::HP: (Air OK)
Wiglaf does a heavy overhead swing with his sword that causes ground bounce. Combine with Bifurcate for sick corner combos dawg.
:B::HP: (Air OK)
Wiglaf does a spinning back slash that causes knock back and wall bounce. Combine with Asunder for sick corner combos dawg.
Retreating slash
Wiglaf's back dash when using two punch buttons is unique in that he adds a slash as he retreats. Cannot be used in quick succession.
Curb Stomp
:B::HK: (Next To Falling Opponent)
Wiglaf stomps the ground, if it hits the opponent he follows up with two more stomps. This is a difficult to land Attack Grab.
Sliding Kick
:HK: (While Running Forward)
Wiglaf does a sliding kick at the end of his run that sweeps the opponent.
Down, But Not Out
:U::K: (While Downed)
Wiglaf rises with a breakdancing kick that sweeps the opponent. See Zuko's counter attack against Zhao.
:D::LK: (Press Repeatedly In Air)
Wiglaf tucks his legs in midair and wags his tail vigorously, good for cross-ups.
Special Moves

Stone Windmill
Wiglaf spins his sword by the strap on it's pommel which is always looped around his wrist. The spin has a slight vacuum on contact and hits repeatedly for light damage. Increasing punch strength lengthens the time the move is active. Hitting punch during the move will cause Wiglaf to grip his sword again and swing it upward, turning the move into a launcher. This is directly based on the Dust Storm from Dust: An Elysian Tail.
Intimidating Growl
Wiglaf belts out a battle roar that nerfs his opponent and any allies he or she may have. Each punch button has a different effect.
(The sound effect is an actual wolf growl)
:LP: When the opponent calls out an assist this move will cancel whatever the assist is doing. Full screen effect but requires very good timing.
:MP: Decreases the damage of the opponent's next special attack or command normal. Works at close to medium range.
:HP: Staggers the opponent at close range. Can be combo'ed into only once.
Soothing Howl
Wiglaf lets loose a wolf song that buffs him and any allies he may have. Each kick button has a different effect.
(The sound effect is an actual wolf howl)
:LK: Decreases time it takes assists to recover. It cannot be used again until the effect is over.
:MK: Speeds up ground dashes for a period of time. Wiglaf is already quick on the ground, this makes him even faster.
:HK: Gives Wiglaf one hit of armor. Lasts until the hit is spent and does not stack.
Feral Pounce (Air OK)
Wiglaf does a leaping forward tackle at the enemy. On contact Wiglaf pins them to the ground and mauls them for a bit before standing up. The move is active for the entire time that Wiglaf is in the air, just like Cerebella's Grab Bag. This move is best used in the air as it increases the time that Wiglaf is pouncing.
Vicious Execution
A close range grab where Wiglaf shoulder tosses the opponent, steps on their back, and shoots them twice with his Mauser for heavy damage. Visually this is a very violent attack.
Mauser C96
Wiglaf fires a simple handgun shot straight forward, however he's a very bad shot so the bullet will deviate from it's path a bit. This randomness can prove to be either a boon or a bane depending on how lucky you are. Increasing punch strength increases the accuracy of the shot, but also the time it takes to fire.
Volatile Memento
:QCB::K: (Limited)
Wiglaf throws a grenade from his belt into the air. If it hits an enemy it explodes on impact, inflicting relatively high damage for a projectile. If it lands on the ground it remains for a little while then explodes. Wiglaf can only use this 6 times per match, unless he is tagged out in which case the grenades replenish very slowly. Increasing kick strength increases the distance thrown.

(Coming Soon!)
I've never done this before so I don't know what else to say besides an obligatory "Original Character, Do Not Steal."
Although I don't know if I can really call this mine considering all of the character inspirations. Whatever.
I decided that instead of creating multiple posts I would just edit this post if I have any changes.
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;w; woe is me to be one of those guys who floods out OCs but doesnt have anything to add to them besides character concepts without gameplay or art.
;w; woe is me to be one of those guys who floods out OCs but doesnt have anything to add to them besides character concepts without gameplay or art.
I feel your pain dude, no matter how much I write, the character doesn't feel like mine without actual artwork.
Of course even if it did it still wouldn't feel like mine since the character is nothing without Alex Ahad's universe.
I guess it could be shared ownership?
I feel your pain dude, no matter how much I write, the character doesn't feel like mine without actual artwork.
Of course even if it did it still wouldn't feel like mine since the character is nothing without Alex Ahad's universe.
I guess it could be shared ownership?
I could try thinking up some stuff for a fairy inspired character named Titania, but I might be a while.... ;w;
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I could try thinking up some stuff for a fairy inspired character named Titania, but I might be a while.... ;w;

That sounds like it'd be pretty cool. :) I hope you do!

Mmm, I put this thread in the Art section because it seemed like the best fit, but I don't think text-only people should feel unwelcome. I'm not an artist either, I had to commission all of my pics! Otherwise I'd just be writing stuff, but that's fun too.

Luckily I also met some very nice people through the process, and their rates are very considerate, so I'd recommend them highly if you ever have an idea you grow fond enough of. :) Check them out in the source links to my pics if you ever want to!

Also, I like the idea of Beowulf having a Wiglaf, that is clever! He reminds me a bit of the "Young Beowulf" concept art Alex posted once, though older. I wonder what he would think of Beowulf's headgear, though, lol. Overall, cool use of the existing Skullgirls history in your backstory for him, I think! That was something I had a hard time with, but you did pretty well.
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I kinda want to submit my oc here just for laughs. I didn't make her for skullgirls, but she could work

You mean, my avatar can be a character?

You mean, my avatar can be a character?
Go for it. It's Skullgirls, you can make it work somehow.
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Go for it. It's Skullgirls, you can make it work somehow.
YUS! Guess I'll get to it when my homework is done.
Here's my OC. I made this before the forum crash, but finally had a chance to do something with my messy sketch and port it over to Illustrator. I tend to put in a lot of effort for fighting game OCs, so incoming wall of text!!

I present:

Clark Barbastelle

“Stop the presses!”

Name: Clark Barbastelle

Age: 37

Birthday: November 1st


Height: 5’11”


Species: Feral (Bat)

Clark was an arrogant young mercenary, going from country to country providing his skills for the right price. Things abruptly changed when the Great War baptized the world in flames. Hoping to finally prove himself, he went back to his birthplace of New Meridian and joined the long, thankless war. By the end of the carnage, he was broken and humbled. Directionless, he turned to the bottle, but eventually reunited with his brother, Arkham. Through this reunion he found a new calling – journalism. Using his long list of experiences from the days of battle, he was able to provide a unique insight into various stories. Clark now spends his days writing for The Seven-Year Midnight Scout, it’s his way of fighting a new battle. One without violence, but fortified with knowledge.

Having settled into his new role as a warrior for the truth, a bizarre string of incidents and rumors have caught his eye: the dead supposedly rising, increasing gangland violence, attacks on laboratories, deep seated corruption in his city. He was going to get some answers, even if it meant going back to the world of violence.

  • Clark was on the front lines and saw the sheer horror and death Queen Nancy was capable of. This event destroyed his worldview; he was nothing to write home about now- he was just a punk who could throw a punch compared to an all-powerful demi-goddess threatening to tear the world apart.
  • Clark nearly became an alcoholic until his brother found him in an alley and beat some sense into him. Despite cleaning up his life, Clark secretly gives into temptation when things are tough. Due to the new chaos he’s been facing, he has been turning to the bottle in order to fight.
  • After the war, he tried to join the Black Egrets, but was barred from service-- not so much due to the severity of his injuries, but more to the fact he would at times experience PTSD.
  • Is a proud Vegan and is frequently annoyed when people ask if he drinks blood. Arkham ridicules him for not even enjoying insect platters.
  • I looked at the Batman Begins OST track listing and used the name Barbastella to create Clark’s surname. All the tracks on the CD are different species of Bats
  • Noting some resemblance to her mother, Parasoul’s very presences makes Clark severely uncomfortable
  • His wings are not connected to his arms as is the case with real bats. They unfurl from his back when taking flight.
  • Despite being humbled and going through a psychological transformation, Clark’s post-war self at times slips into arrogance. His coworkers are quick to knock him down to size
  • According to: http://www.arkive.org/barbastelle-bat/barbastella-barbastellus/image-A24186.html The scientific name for the barbastelle bat Barbastella means ‘star beard’, refering to the white hairs that grow from the bats lip.

Goal & Key encounters:
  • Clark has been covering stories for quite some time and has noticed a connection to the Medicis and grisly events. He sets out to gather the evidence he needs to topple their empire.
  • Meeting Squigly horrifies him due to his past encounters with Skullgirls and the undead. He learns from the duo of the Medici’s elimination of her family.
  • Upon running into Marie he wants to bring down the Medicis but also prevent another catastrophe:
Marie: And who are you to stop me? The blood you’ve spilled cannot be so easily forgotten! Putting on a suit and tie and scrawling text does not erase that!

Clark: You’re on a point with me…I was scum, and might still be a bit…off, but this is wrong. You wanna stop those bums, well I do too—the right way. I’ve seen what happens to your kind…you start off with a noble purpose, and then next thing you know, you’re knee deep in the blood of innocents and in the shade of a mountain of corpses.

Marie: I will not be denied my revenge. You mean nothing to me, but if you stand in my way, you will share the Medici’s fate.

Clark:…tryin’ to save your soul kid. Can’t say I didn’t try…

Misc Character quotes:

Vs B.Dhalia:

Clark: We’re relics of the battlefield. Broken…forgotten…difference is, I built myself back up and spend my days doing good work…you…you’re just a thug.

Dhalia: I don’t even know who the hell you are. I don’t like people who make assumptions…I’ve killed for less….much less.

Vs Filia:

Clark: Young miss, lookout! Some sort of deranged squid has attached itself to your head!

Filia: What? Actually he’s-


Vs Peacock:

Clark: Hallucinations?! How many fights have I had?!

Vs Valentine:

Clark: Ninja nurses? Now this hallucination’s fine by me.

Vs Miss Fortune:

Clark: Hey, you, I think I did a report on yo- AAaH! Why are you juggling your head?! HOW ARE YOU JUGGLING YOUR HEAD?!

Miss Fortune: Oh my, it seems my trick is driving you Batty…

Clark: Aaa- wha…oh…oh come on!...Sigh, you’re like my brother….puns puns puns…

Vs Annie:

Annie: Hey, old man…why’re you staring at me like that?

Clark: You…you’re not just a character on a show are you…your eye…your demeanor…you’ve waged war…and won... haven’t you.

Annie: Hmm, you’re pretty sharp old man…So. Fancy yourself a fighter, eh? Let’s see what you’ve got.

Clark: Oh come on, I’m..I’m not that old..
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Name: Marissa

Age: 21

Birthday: February 6th

Bloodtype: O+

Height: 5’9”

Weight: Fluctuates

Species: Human (normally)

A traveller who has no real home Marissa is an explorer by nature. Her true wish is to find a place where she can call home and find plenty of people to meet with. Second oldest of 4 girls, Marissa is used to helping care for others, and yet is innocent in some matters. She has two primary weapons, her sword Mercy (not pictured here) that is incapable of killing, but has power to compensate, and her necklace Pemerido that helps her transform herself in a variety of ways (size, species, etc).


Would be a basic fighter, probably fast but not particularly strong. All her heavy hits would be with Mercy. Partial inspiration from Style change Ryu (MvC 1)

Playstyle Speculation:
Blockbusters performed would involve Marissa using Pemerido to change form.

For example

BB1: Would do a handstanding kick, sending the foe skyward, jump up and grab them, use Pemerido to turn herself larger (weight wise), then bodyslam the foe.

BB2: Would change herself into a more animalistic form and perform multiple hits in a manner similar to Maximum Spider.

BB3: No idea.


Marissa wasn't made for Skullgirls, but I assume she'd work like that were she part of the world.
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I like this thread. I'll post some stuff later. Two of my NPCs are characters not meant for SkullGirls (One is in my avatar), but I will post what they would be like if they were in the SG world.