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Skullgirls roleplay website!


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Dec 14, 2017
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Cerebella Squigly Ms. Fortune
So i saw a while back an abandonned thread that a guy was trying to make a Skullgirls roleplay website, which since it was abandonned it never worked out. I commented on it recently, but i thought it would look more professional if i put it on my own thread. So when i saw the thread, i thought that i could make one, so i then attempted and failed, so i wemtm to proboards and used a template to create the website, with an OC submission, Canon Claim page, and the base of a Roleplay. Since i had no idea of how to get the site out there, i decided i should post it here, or sit and wait. It only has one membdpdq at the moment, and that is me, but i hope to have it grow. If anybodxwwants to get to it the url is: skullgirlsrp.boards.net
Just know i need to fill 10 moderator spots, so that is open to anybody