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Solo Robo mixups and resets ?


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Dec 20, 2015
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Robo Fortune
Hello, I am a beginner Skullgirls player and I am looking for tips on playing solo Robo-Fortune.

Here is the BnB I use :
cLK sMP sMK cHP > jMK jHK djc jMK jHK > [sMP] sMK cHP > jLK jMK jHK > cLK [sMP] sMK sHP xx H spinny thingy xx beam super
which does around 7100 damage points (5300 without super).
I am not sure it is optimal but it works on everyone (with a few adjustments), anywhere on the screen, and I can do it properly most of the time, so I like it.
From there, here are the tricks I figured out :
  • After the first two chains, I can reset with low or throw. This gets trickier if I use the jHK to crossunder, but it does not work on every character.
  • In the corner, after the second chain I can go for launcher jump back jMK, which works as a burst bait.
That's it.
So, what other mix-ups have you figured out (that do not require assists) ? Should I alter my BNB or learn a new one with more possibilities for resets ?
Also, what should I do after I land a hard knock-down ?

Mr Peck

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Sep 4, 2013
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Robo Fortune works well from long range and is very fragile when it comes to defence, so you're often better off ending a midscreen combo with s.HK>c.HK to knock your opponent fullscreen and summon a head, or s.HK into M beam to knock them fullscreen and stop them from hitting the ground so they can't ground tech towards you. As for resets, c.HP /\ j.MP>j.HK gives you a very consistent left/right crossunder mixup against light characters if you hold down-forward during the j.HK.
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