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Subtitles? Maybe?

Dark Spark 47

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Dec 4, 2014
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Dark Spark 47
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This is probably a dumb idea, but wouldn't it be nice to be able to turn on subtitles in game at the bottom of the screen? It can be really hard to understand some characters (especially Double) and it would be nice to know what they are saying on the spot instead of having to look it up on the Skullgirls wiki later.
It's not a dumb idea, but it's an idea that would take a hell of a lot of work.
Well since only one character usually talks at the start of battles, have their lines and possibly the foe's retort subtitled? Same for some of the announcer's quotes. Additionally, only display subtitles IN BATTLE when a character does a super. Have some sort of text buffer so if there is a super used immediately after, the dialogue that would be subtitled appears a moment or two later, giving you enough time to read both quotes. Perhaps color code character texts, too, if you felt that was necessary (though I think not). Basically, only the big quotes get subtitles.

EDIT: I see now the buffer I mentioned could be be confusing. so for example:
You do Argus Agony and go into Big Band's Strike up the Band. Peacock's line of Argus Agony would display for a set period of time before Big Band's super quote would appear. It may not change immediately, but it gives you the time to read quotes while watching the fireworks.
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So, basically you want Subs like the ones in JoJo's ASB

I see some stances where this would be useful (double), but doubt it'd be a priority feature... and SG's development cycle is close to its end
Don't forget that when you're asking for subtitles you're not just asking for English. SG has a boatload of text languages to consider here too, so add a big pile of localization costs onto whatever price you think it'd cost to add this.
Yeah, this is not happening for "extra work" reasons alone. Gomen ne. Although I do agree it would be a good idea.
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