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[Suggestion] Head scaling per ratio? or God damn this hurts the higher my ratio is.


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Sep 22, 2013
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So HUGE shot in the dark but you know how Fortune's head has 50% unscaled damage for every ratio? Well the damage gets pretty crazy the higher the ratio team fortune is in which makes it really freaking scary if you're a trio headless player. like me :c Anyway what I was wondering for ages but never asked about until now is if maybe that 50% unscaled can change depending on what team number she is and what team number the other team is (if it's not crazy hard to implement you know?).

I think it would help you know lighten screwing up when you're a higher ratio and maybe encourage a bit more use of headless because the damage is crazy compared to regular characters. Then within headless itself it gets just as crazy how different the damage can be at least based on percentages but half health is half health.

So uh here's the data on it I went ahead and put DAMAGE TAKEN in bold but it reads like this:

Team (fortune is in) # v Team (bella is in) #, Damage HP/Max HP, Damage multiplier, % HP remaining, % Damage taken


3v1 4150 11350/15500 1.45 73.230% 26.770%
3v2 3721 11779/15500 1.30 75.990% 24.010%
3v3 3721 14104/17825 1.30 79.120% 20.880%

2v1 4150 13675/17825 1.45 76.720% 23.280%
2v2 2861 12639/15500 1.00 81.540% 18.460%
2v3 2861 14964/17825 1.00 83.950% 16.050%

1v1 2861 12639/15500 1.00 81.540% 18.460%
1v2 3721 28054/31775 1.30 88.290% 11.710%
1v3 2861 28914/31775 1.00 91.000% 9.000%


3v1 6573 8927/15500 1.45 57.590% 42.41%
3v2 5893 9607/15500 1.30 61.980% 38.020%
3v3 5893 11932/17825 1.30 66.950% 33.050%

2v1 6573 11252/17825 1.45 63.12% 36.88%
2v2 4533 10967/15500 1.00 70.75% 29.25%
2v3 4533 13292/17825 1.00 74.57% 25.43%

1v1 4533 10967/15500 1.00 70.75% 29.25%
1v2 5893 25882/31775 1.30 81.45% 18.55%
1v3 4533 27242/31775 1.00 85.73% 14.27%


I'm sure it's clear how crazy the damage differences are between regular and headless damage and while I don't expect a change I just mostly wanted to point this out and why it might scare people to go headless the bigger their team size gets.

But if there is a change all I would ask for is that the damage differences on headless per team size don't spread this crazy.

Also hey it's 2AM that's cool.


I hope this at least gives some perspective of what's it's like to go headless versus only getting utterly destroyed by it and never actually using it yourself.

Edit: Come to think of it, I think parts of dynamo whiff on the head so that might actually be off a bit. I'll check with something like deathcrawl later.
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3v1 3440 12060/15500 1.45 77.81% 22.19%
3v2 3092 12408/15500 1.30 80.05% 19.95%
3v3 3092 14733/17825 1.30 82.65% 17.35%

2v1 3440 14385/17825 1.45 80.70% 19.30%
2v2 2367 13133/15500 1.00 84.73% 15.27%
2v3 2367 15458/17825 1.00 86.72% 13.28%

1v1 2367 13133/15500 1.00 84.73% 15.27%
1v2 3092 28683/31775 1.30 90.27% 9.73%
1v3 2367 29408/31775 1.00 92.55% 7.45%


3v1 5679 9821/15500 1.45 63.36% 36.64%
3v2 5097 10403/15500 1.30 67.12% 32.88%
3v3 5097 12728/17825 1.30 71.41% 28.59%

2v1 5679 12146/17825 1.45 68.14% 31.86%
2v2 3915 11585/15500 1.00 74.74% 25.26%
2v3 3915 13910/17825 1.00 78.04% 21.96%

1v1 3915 11585/15500 1.00 74.74% 25.26%
1v2 5097 26678/31775 1.30 83.96% 16.04%
1v3 3915 27860/31775 1.00 87.68% 12.32%

did it with deathcrawl too

Now that it's not 2am I can imagine supers at max scaling still do good damage since it's unscaled on the head so ouch.

oh the forum hates multiple spaces that's cool.
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I've always thought probably took too much damage, but the game is finalized now so we've got what we've got.

I also think she's the most slept on character in the entire game and headless is super good, so maybe it balances it out end game. In the mean time I'd love for more people to play headless but I understand why they don't.
Well there's still one more patch and it's more about the differences in percentage within regular damage compared to differences in percentage within headless head damage.

For example:

the difference in damage taken from 3v1 compared to 3v2 is 2.76% in regular damage but in headless damage the difference is 4.39% I'm fine with the fact that headless takes more damage but between ratios the differences in percentages within headless are much higher than that of regular damage and I'd like them to be more similar.

I'm not comparing 3v1 regular which is 26.77% with 3v1 headless 42.41% that doesn't matter to me she takes more damage that's fine I just want their percentage differences to sort've match rather than change dramatically compared to regular damage.

If we go to higher numbers 3v1 damage minus 1v3 damage is 17.77% in regular damage where 3v1 damage minus 1v3 damage is 28.14% in headless and that's a 10%ish difference between the two instead of being a similar number because the head only takes 50% unscaled damage for every ratio rather than a different percent per ratio which is what I want changed and doesn't alter gameplay too much. Fortune can still take 40% headless compared to 20%.

I used the dynamo numbers for this.

So in the new system it would work something like this

regular damage
3v1 16%
3v2 14%

3v1 36%
3v2 34%

making both of them have a difference of 2% they don't have to be exact differences just something that sort've normalizes headless damage between ratios

Does that make sense?
Well there's still one more patch and it's more about the differences in percentage within regular damage compared to differences in percentage within headless head damage.

Was this confirmed somewhere?
with new ips because peacock breaks it, yes.
with new ips because peacock breaks it, yes.

Well then. Yes, I too believe Fortune's head takes too much damage and it's the main reason I'll never switch from duo.