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Personal sun's out nuns out

You just put in a screenname and click join room.
I know that there is bondage there and I am going to get it.

Edit: Got it. She loves the whip.

Nice "damn son". And flipping birds.
Wish these roulettes were slower so I could actually enjoy the nun cosplay XD
You, person, are amazing.

Any art with a reference of Double's elegant form in Squigly's story?


I never see any fanart of this form.

Edit: Man, those are huge boobs. She has blue hair too. Red eyes. Unusual skin color...

Is Double Val's mom?
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i had this doodle for a while so i finished it up and made it presentable 4 u

Thank u.

Valentine: "I lost, and I don't care. It is beautifull."

Ah Double, you and your multiple personalities.
I chuckled. Think it would be possible to fit the trinity into other famous works of art?
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What if there is also a face on the bandana since that was part of double?
There is no boobs or fan-service only Double.
This is hilarious. Someone with my type of humor.

Double and Valentine should totaaallllyyy have their own show, or something. This shit proves it.
i want double and valentine to be the new team rocket

edit: team trinity blasting at the speed of light!
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Valentine: "Time for your physical."
Double: "Make it Double."
Valentine: "To protect the Skullgirl with Checkmate Incision"
Double: "To unite all people for The Trinity"
Valentine: "Side effects may include nausea, headaches... and death!"
Double: "To extend our reach to Aeon above"
Valentine: "Valentine."
Double: "Double."
Valentine: "Team Skullheart operate at the speed of light!"
Double: "Surrender now or recieve divine judgement!"

Marie: "Die.
Know your place!"

This took me longer than I expected and some of this doesn't even make sense.
wait where's this from i think i've seen it before but

Couldn't tell ya'.
I literally just googled "Jesus Christ how horrifying Skullgirls" and it was within the first page of results.