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The Annie of the Stars Mega Star Cruiser: Giga Dreamy Star Love Redux!!!!!! DREAM COMES TRUE EDITION

I can't wait for 2018 so that DDB can finally say
"Now's Annie"
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if annie tooted...would it be rainbow or sprinkles?
I am so glad this is relevant somewhere!
Using the powers of Internet VooDoo, I summon you, @DDB to this comment to impart your infinite wisdom unto the person that dost not knoweth if Annie is good.
I am so glad this is relevant somewhere!

What the...

Now that Annie is somewhat playable, will there be world peace?
Peace? No, there is only endless war for the Star Dogs.

Source: Persona's Tumblr
They have chased Skull Heart Face all the way to Afghanistan. And no more puns else I go into MGSV spoilers!
They should replace everyone with Eliza and remove any appearence of Annie.
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Personally id like literally any one but Eliza from the vote, not because it dislike her that's only 20% of why. the other 80% is that she was going to be the main antagonist of Skullgirls 2 but since she was added to the first game they are scratching there heads on pt:2.
disclaimer: I like her play style and voice acting
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I didn't know Annie was gonna be in Beowulf's story before I played him and I pretty much cried it was great

Me and my boyfriend cosplayed Annie and Beowulf to a con and everyone recognised him and only like 2 people recognied me, I was so hurt

Also I think when I used to go on tumblr DDB called my cosplay "truly an Annie for the ages" I am honoured
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And it still is an Annie for the ages.
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What if Sagan can speak but it's just all weird and muffled negate his mouth is always full
Dreams do come true. @DDB has been pleased
The dream is real. Skullgirls 2 when?
You know what? I’m gonna do it. Since I’m the only person left who was working on the fan game, I’ll answer any questions I can about it in a master post. Just ask on this and I’ll try to answer when I can.
Hold up the Annie game still livin?