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The BGM in Extras shouldn't restart when selecting pictures

Captain Murasa

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Sep 4, 2013
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This is a great game and I'm REALLY glad that there is a sound room/test/whatever in the Extras menu where you can browse all the art made for the game.

My request seems to be really low in the totem pole, but for someone like me, who just enjoys art while listening to the awesome BGM that the composers made while looking at pictures, I find it really jarring that the current music gets restarted from the start when you exit out of the picture selected. The only exceptions are if the cutscenes are played or if music has been restarted from the menu.

This is what it feels like right now:

1. Enter Extras Menu
2. play BGM from 0:00 and into continuous loop
3. select picture
3a. exit picture and return to 1

I don't know how to describe it, and as a wannabe programmer, I can't help but try describe what could be done in pseudocode. Maybe have the music loop outside of the picture call loop or something:

1. Enter Extras Menu
2. Play BGM selected //global variable? loop function here? Dunno.
while (!ExitExtra){
// do button stuff here
if (cutscene){
// play cutscene
// restart BGM​
// My point is that the only time that the music should only change/restart if the BGM was selected from the BGM menu or if a cutscene is played

I wasn't sure to where to post this, but it's also apparent in the retail version too. But like I said, this is a suggestion and really low on the totem pole for you guys to work on. Thanks for the great game!
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I agree with you.

This should be easily fixed, I guess.
I sorta figured this was an issue.