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Romulus and Remus (ロームルスレムス)

My Skullgirls OCs. Romulus is an actor while Remus is a superhero.
(luv ur art..i hope you get it asap!!!!)

Thank you! :' ) Yeah and I hope I can get it soon too.

I hope you get one soon! ...how much is one of those, anyway?

Thanks! Well the cheapest colored one would be 20 USD. Sketch is 10 USD. (this is for a bust btw)
They have very intresting desgins, it's better than "character with parasite who flirts with cast" I've seen before. It actually makes me curious to what the story behind them are.
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romulus and remus are probably some of the most well-designed skullgirl OCs i've laid eyes on
I agree. I don't like fan-characters a lot but these are really well written and actually look like they're official.

I wouldn't mind paying for a BG sprite of romulus if SG2 ever becomes a thing ;^)
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The more art I see of them, the more I am starting to like them. They look pretty cool.
I read that as "Don't eat all the hoes [typo], Beowulf" before realising.
I feel ashamed.