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The Overwatch Thread

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Mar 9, 2014
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Finally one exist! Thanks to me
I have decided to post these here: the episodic shorts to the game.


So anyone now that thios thread is here discuss who you think you will main and what abilities and playstyle of a specific character is to your liking. My favorite is:
asinine controversy over a butt aside, I'm really liking what Blizzard is doing. I'm definitely gonna buy Overwatch as soon as i get a PS4.

I plan to play: Winston, McCree, Widowmaker, Reaper, 76, Tracer, maybe Hanzo, Torbjorn for sure, Bastion, D.Va and Reinhardt.
Yeah that whole controversy thing was really gratuitous if you ask me. But hey, Blizzard reps have also come out and said they weren't happy with the pose for their own reasons so..yeah. Other than that I cant wait to get my hands on genji.
I clocked in almost 200 hours on TF2, so this game is gonna be like crack to me.
I can't wait to play Roadhog, Mei, Mercy, and Zenyatta

this game is gonna be crack for me too <3
This game's fun I like to play Mercy
SPeaking of playing. I take it none of us in this thread got invited to the beta?
I'm waiting on my tax return before i can get a PS4, so technically no.
but once i get one, I'll try to get on that beta like
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no joke I would kill all the robot ghandis for Widow Maker.
but widows already killed enough robot ghandi's for one day
relating to the second short, I find this little picture. What do you guys think?
I'm psyched for this game to come out. I put in a lot of hours of TF2 as well and I like the idea of having a wider range of characters and abilities.
Gah, been trying to get into the beta since it's been announced, still no success TT^TT
And just a question:
I've played a lot of TF2 and my favourite part of the whole thing was being able to use alternative equipment since I didn't jive with most of the character's vanilla loadouts... My questions is: Are customizable loadouts a thing? Less stat altering equipment and more to the tune of being able to completely switch out abilities.
Oh finally someone made an Overwatch thread, I've been excited since like day fucking one.

And no, no custom loadouts, think of classes like a character.

Also for those worrying about Robo-Ghandi in the second short, it has a completely different headshape than Zenyatta, and the head marking is diagonal rather than vertical (which is how Zenyatta's looks)
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I've been excited for Overwatch since Blizzard announced this game. Since I stopped playing Halo after Reach I've been looking for a FPS that I can put time into. Can't wait until May 3rd to get into that beta.
thats why I call one robo-Ghandi, and the other Robo-Buddha.
I can't believe robo-Gandhi slept with his robo-nieces
So like
What about that Robot and Human couple they focused on.
I'm so glad Robosexuals exist in the Overwatch universe
Those 5 seconds of robo/human romance > the entire Beatles discography
I heard no butts were allowed... that's my only input.
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I heard no butts were allowed... that's my only input.
This is true in the same sense that there are no panty shots allowed in Skullgirls.
I heard no butts where allowed... that's my only input.
Eh, you know what I'm just gonna get it out of the way.

The Overwatch developers held a thread asking for input on the game. One person, gonna repeat that, one person came in and made the argument that Tracer's back pose didn't go in line with her characterization so far. The developers agreed with this so much they admitted they were wary of the pose before, and had a backup made already. Ergo they replaced a single pose in the game. Aaaaaaand people freaked the fuck out, called it censorship (despite it being an in-house decision), petitioned to have it back, claimed they would cancel pre-orders, etc., etc.

I.E. that one time our game reanimated some frames so there'd be a little less panty shots and people freaked the fuck out.

To be perfectly honest I kinda see Overwatch like Skullgirls. It ain't sexist because it gives players the options to play a variety of women. While there's some embarrassing stuff like Valentine or Widowmaker, the fact that I can play as Peacock or Zarya makes it much more tolerable. This Tracer biz feels like they just wanted to move her towards a more... grey zone, to be honest? Not on one side, not on the other kinda deal?
It's not that I have a problem with it, I heard of Overwatch, just the first thing I hear is Tracer's back pose was removed and people were pissed. Outside of petty controversies, I hear it's like TF2 and i had put like 200+ hours into that game. I don't know who I'd play though. Actually, whoever is the equivalent of Sniper or Engineer is who I'd play.
here's probably a better perspective of the controversy (tons of shit over widowmaker being "unrealistic" in body proportions)
but I'd really would like to put this aside and talk more about the game and less about the one of many controverseys involving this game.
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Basically, Tracer had a Victory Pose that showed off her butt, people complained, and it was removed.
HOWEVER. It was ALREADY being considered for removal due to it not fitting her character, and this was a case of beta feedback helping out.
But, of course, since we're in the age of entitled manbabies who can't deal with a changing world, and who still want lewd stuff, people complained.
It's really the stupidest thing to get upset over.
It didn't fit her character, the devs agreed, it's gone. Badda-bing badda boom, let's not dwell on controversies.

It is pretty much Team Fortress 2 + MOBAs kinda, though.

Widowmaker is basically original Sniper (With a grappling hook and Mine), and Hanzo is more Huntsman Sniper, so look there.
I'd say Widowmaker is a better version of the TF2 sniper because they don't screw her over with mid range items.
one look at how Widowmaker's rifle can double function as a machine gun, and I was just like

"I need this."
If you're still curious about Engineer, there's two of 'em
Tjorborn is standard Engineer, makes a level 3 turret, but can only have one, he's basically a dwarf, but he's got no teleporter.
Symmetra is baiscally a Gunslinger Engineer, has tiny turrets, but they can stick to walls, and she can have like four of them, unupgradable.
She can also open a teleporter.
There's Bastion that's literally just the sentry also, does that count?