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The sad truths about Skullgirls players

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May 14, 2016
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They are really narcissists. The very reason they play this game is to play someone online, hit them with 45 cross up assist hard to block resets and then feel good about themselves. The friendliness to newer players is just a facade to encourage more people to join the game and stroke their egos. There is nothing like sportsmanship. People will beat you online and when it's time to hit play again they'll wait to the last second. People will screenshot a ragequit like it's a trophy, when the reality is that guy was into his 2nd day of playing and he didn't want to play against your 600 hours of Peacock keepaway with A-Train assist. Not to mention the steam bios with "Don't add me I'm not here to make friends" and their profile picture of a wide-eyed anime female compliments that well. Super edgelords..
Not open for further replies.