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The Unoptimize Skullgirls Combo Challenge Thread


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Apr 18, 2015
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A thread to save all the combos that come from Tyrone O'Canada's ( @TyroneOCanada ) challenge!

The challenge is as following: Find the lowest damaging combo you can with a character, use all 240 UD and 1 meter for it.

Twitter tends to die out with stuff, so it would be cool to archive most of the things we find in this thread.

Good luck!
this was my attempt with fukua, it's probably possible to get less hits off of drill super with better timing

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It's definitely not the worst combo possible but I couldn't find anything worse for now, I'm sure someone can get 1 hit scalpels, "better" routing or some insane shit with green vial idk lol

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This is a fun challenge. I have an additional restraint I'm working with that I encourage: you must do a 1 bar super that at least partially connects. Without this restraint you could just end in snap or a whiffed command grab super, and that's not very creative.

Here's my best (worst) so far with Bella (2239):

I have another small variation on the route in mind that does less, but not enough less to bother grinding it out again.

And with Band (1335), though this is just an iteration on Mohw's route.

I think it's basically impossible to beat Band's low score, 5MP is ridiculously ud-inefficient and he has tympany.
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Filia 1452

And I thought normal Filia combos needed fast fingers...

Shoutouts to SeaJay for knowing that L Hairball does less damage than 5HK due to minimum scaling being higher for 1k+ single hits.

Edit - Potential improvements:

Compared to 2LP 2LK 2MK(1) L hairball, 2LP 2MK (1 air hit) 2HP does 60 less damage (40 from no 2LK and 20 from 2HP vs L Hairball) and uses 5 less undizzy. jMK(1) does 10 less damage than jLP/jLK and uses 5 more undizzy. You can see how these go together.

Therefore it's theoretically possible to save 70 damage from this (and end up with 1382 damage) by turning a jLK in the air string into jMK, but I'm fairly certain there's no way to actually do that before landing. Thankfully. I don't want to destroy my fingers again.

It would also have to not restand, which i'm *also* fairly certain is impossible.
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Here's what I got with my team
Parasoul+HBeam assist 2806

thx NoFunnyName for telling me to jump after the assist!

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fukua sewer grab route
4 hits with drill is probably possible and if so it would make this route 1762 but im too tired

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We should bring this back, can't believe tyrone didn't tell me this thread existed until now