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Things I don't Understand


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Apr 29, 2017
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There are certain tactics and mechanics I can't fully grasp while playing the game, and often these result in what looks like it requires transhumanist reaction time.

  • These being primarily the opponent jumping overhead faster than seems possible (at lest for me trying to practice this against dummies), Other things would include...
  • Difficulty in reacting to the types of cancels that characters can do with air dashes and the such and the almost instant change between high and low attacks it results in.
  • Dealing with assists trapping one in blockstun (and as well taking up the screen in a visually obscuring way and providing a sort of "body" that gets in the way of landing any attacks on the character actively being controlled by the opponent).
  • Pushingblocking and the inconsistent (for me) activation of preforming canceling into an attack (specifically when a character flashes green).
  • Closing in on an opponent throwing out assists and long range attacks to the point you're almost constantly either being hit trying while to attack or in block stun.
And if need known, the character that I use is Fukua if it helps in specifically explaining these problems I'm having.
Theoretically, anything 13 frames or slower can be reacted to. It requires a lot of work put into recognizing animations, and there's a whole mess about humans and different reaction times. But who cares! You can cheat!

You have to learn when it's "your turn." Assists add a whole new level to that.

Y'know how I just said you have to wait for your turn? Well, pushblock canceling is forcibly grabbing the ball out of your opponent's hands and making it your turn. It is a very technical skill that is about knowledge above all else. I still haven't looked into how to actually PBGC each character and their sustainable blockstrings.
While it is probably not the answer you were looking for, just keep playing and practicing is probably the best advice. Learning what mixups a character has and is likely to do comes with time and you simply won't be able to react to everything the opponent does, so you need to learn to look for tells/recognisable setups.

For jumping overhead quickly, this is probably one of a couple things; IADs (Instant Air Dash) or Beowulf's hop. These are both character specific and Fukua can't do either ( :( ). If you try a character with an air dash like Filia, jump and then immediately dash. You'll see that she performs the dash very low to the ground. If you follow up with an attack then you get a very fast overhead that is nigh on impossible to react to. Beowulf's dash puts him airborne and he can do attacks during his dash that are actually impossible for a human to react to. If you think an opponent might do this then there are ways to deal with it (e.g. smack 'em in the face with an invincible reversal).

Assists putting you blockstun can be annoying. They do usually provide you with an opportunity to go into absolute guard and nullify any of your opponent's mixups and potentially PBGC (the thing where you flash green and do a reversal in the middle of a blockstring, this takes a lot of practice and varies between different blockstrings, try it in training mode). If the opponent is on the other side of the screen and you think you can get away with it, you should punish the assist once it is done by either countercalling it with an assist of your own or doing a short combo on it (either a tap with a jab or launch them and jump instantly). This will do extra damage to the assist (I think 2x as much as normal?) and time them out briefly so you don't have to deal with them for a bit longer than usual.

Dealing with zoning (I'm guessing Peacock) again takes practice. Fukua has a few tools that can help deal with it like her fireballs and fireball super as well as her double jump. This video should be helpful:
Not to hijack your thread, OP, but what I wanna know is Squigly's "Stancel", does it stand for STANCE canceL or STance cANCEL??!

Jk. Kinda. But I'm w/ you on the PB inconsistency (user error, probably), but I'm also wondering more about the (SG-exclusive?) PBGC. Here's a longer thread that may help you OP, as it has helped me a bit. Definitely very informative. It's a bit old, so not sure if any info is outdated.